Thursday, May 29, 2008

Initial Thoughts

My first blog post ever! I've been meaning to do this since becoming the owner of The Spinning Room, but it was last night's knit-in that really made me do it. We have so much fun at the knit-in's and last night was no exception. One of the attendees commented that there should be some sort of documentation of what is said and what goes on because so often we are laughing really hard.

So, last night we learned of a new (to us) knitting blogger, , and saw the funniest post from him. It involved a funny reference to Oedipus and lots of not-really-swears (he turned them into a hillarious string of other words to censor himself) because he had noticed a mistake several rows back in a project. Click on the link above and look for the post entitled "In Which I am Temporarily Deflated".

It has now been a month since I became the owner of the shop. It's going great - I'm learning a lot and doing a lot. I've made lots of physical changes at the store (re-arranged it on a day that I thought would be slow - boy was I wrong!) and I'm in the process of bringing in new yarn. I've been trying to cram in a bunch of knitting after hours so there will be some samples at the shop. Thanks to everyone who has been so patient with the transition from Mary to myself. And thanks to my husband, Paul, who has been the most patient of all.

The Spinning Room is also a group on Ravelry. If you haven't joined - JOIN! It's a fun online knitting and crochet (and spinning) community. Go to . Once you become a member of Ravelry you can get all kinds of ideas for projects, look at reviews of yarns and patterns, see lots of pictures of projects, chat with others about practically anything (there are MANY groups in addition to The Spinning Room group).

More shop blogging to come....