Saturday, March 3, 2012

Let the season begin!

Calving season that is. Look what I found when I got home after our very fun day at the shop! It was just about dark and Kevin wasn't around so I wanted to make sure the calf was alright in case it was born after he left for Conesville. Turns out he knew about the calf and it was up running around this afternoon. Now it's ready for a nap and probably a little "Mama Juice". No word on bull or heifer. We'll have to wait on that one!

Friday, March 2, 2012

A long time comin'

So it's been a VERY LONG time since I've posted anything here. I finally have a little bit of time and my internet connection is cooperating tonight, so I figured I'd catch up.

In case you haven't heard, we've started a Tuesday Knit-In and for Mardi Gras, Yvette decided to decorate. Don't you just love the purple mask she picked up on her recent trip to New Orleans! The ladies were also treated to homemade King Cake. It was yummy! I got to have some of the leftovers.

At the beginning of the month, we hosted a group of young knitters from a local afterschool program. Yvette designed a cute garter headband for them to knit and they picked out some fun colors and buttons to embellish them.

Now onto some customer show and tell...

I think this is Florene. Aren't these knitted necklaces great?

These are Liz's Socks of Kindness Socks that she knitted during the knit-along in January. So she wouldn't get Second Sock Syndrome, she knit them both at the same time on double points. She would knit so far on one and then catch up the next one to that point. A good plan I think!

I'm sorry but I don't know who this is below. Gotta love the mask though.'s a little scary, don't you think? But I bet it's warm!

Here's Jane's brimmed hat made with Cascade Eco Duo. I love it. I might have to make one!

This is Kathy L's Honey Cowl made with Ella Rae Superwash. I love the color. You'll see more of Kathy's work below...

Don't you just love Libby's Cabled Hat. She made it out of Lana Grande and left off the band below the cable. Good job Libby!

And, since you never get to see anything that I make, these are my Cloisonee Mittens. And yes, they don't match. I wanted to make one of each style, the stained glass and non-stained glass versions. I've still got the left mittens to make but I've got a few things on the needles to finish first!

I forgot whose Socks of Kindness socks these are. I THINK they are Jan's. Anyway...they are lovely. You all did such a nice job with those socks. Me...not so much!

Here is Teri's Lockspun scarf that she donated to the Altamont Library benefit fundraiser. It was beautiful and so soft. The locks come from her own very spoiled Llamas. You need to check out her Farmlife blog to learn more about her Llamas and other farmy things!

We just fell in love with the hat in this picture. It's in the 60 Quick Baby Knits book. The below three items were knitted by Sue A. They are just too cute for words!

Socks for Sue's husband!

More of Annie's mitts... sideways but oh so soft!

Kathy L's Tea Leaves Cardigan that she made with Encore Colorspun.

And Janell's two Encompass Cowls. I love them!

I love this shell but of course I can't remember whose it is. Sorry folks, I need to be better at writing down who knits what.

And Stevie's socks in Mets colors. One pair for her and one for her nephew!

Here are Mari's Thrummed Mittens made in a class here at the shop. The roving she used is so pretty and really makes the thrums so nice.

Yvette taught another wet felting class and everyone decided to make a table runner. Here are their finished objects! They were all so excited. They came out so nicely.

Kathy L. is always busy. Here she is in her Daybreak shawl made with one skein of Periwinkle Sheep and one skein of Crazy Zauberball.

And last but not least, Karen's cowl made with Mushishi and a little glitz.

That's all for now. If anyone can help me out with who owns the items I totally blanked on, please send me and email or post a comment.

Have a great weekend. Hope to see you soon!