Sunday, August 19, 2012

Anniversary, Wiawaka and more

Well...I know it's been a while since my last post.  I just never seem to have enough time to get to it.  So, Kevin started second cutting yesterday and while I'm waiting for the dew to come off so I can go rake, I decided to take the time in between house cleaning tasks and upload some pictures!   

On August 1, I celebrated my 1 Year Anniversary of owning the shop.  It's been fun, rewarding and at times exhausting.  But, with the help of the "Shop Girls" and my absolutely wonderful customers, we did it!   Here are a few pictures of the crowd we had on the 1st.  

Our little Spinning corner!


And some of the gang...

On August 2 and 3, some of us took a day or two and went up to the Wiawaka Lake House in Lake George.  Some spent Thursday night while others just went up for a day trip.  What a gorgeous day Friday was.  I spent the entire day on the dock!  Here are just a few pictures that Christine took.

What a view!!!

We caught Joan napping on the porch!

The Mini HA HA was on its second trip around the lake so we had to carry on the tradition!

This picture is just SO Joan!!

Thanks again to all of you that have come into the shop in the last year!  Hopefully we can continue for several more years to come!

Now onto some customer show and tell!

This is Mari's lovely tank she made for herself to wear on her summer vacation.

Eleanora's socks for her hubby...sorry they are sideways.  Not sure why...

And Sandy's crocheted baby blanket for her newest Grandchild!

Barbara's washcloths made out of one skein of Fantasy Naturale.

Here is Kathy L's "Cat Strips" crocheted afghan.  There are little cats on each of the white strips, cute huh?

And her hat and booty set along with mittens and pumpkin hats for her daughter who is having twins in the fall.  So fun!

The lovely model Mary is wearing Kathy's Wingspan shawl.

And another lovely model, Mary Kate, wearing Heike's Pinkerton Shawl made out of worsted yarn instead of fingering weight.  Isn't it great?

Jasmine's (unblocked) Pinkerton.  So pretty!

And Bonnie's cute baby hat made with matching "baby ugs".  And her lovely little girls dress with a knitted top sewed to the skirt.

 Kathy G's Rococo Shawl made out of Eco wool is just beautiful.

And Karen's Pinkerton made out of Pagewood Farm Denali sock yarn.  The colors are just great!

This is Heike's Color Affection shawl.  Isn't it gorgeous!

And Sue's Wingspan.

These are Janelle's Dreadlock socks.  She and Robin had a little Ravellenic competition with these socks.  Each sock has 40 little i-cord dreadlocks!  That's a lot of i-cord!

And here is Barbara's Ravellenic knit or crochet as many items as she could out of 1 skein of Fantasy Naturale.  I say she did pretty well, huh.  Love the crocheted cat!

And finally, a beautiful vest made by my Aunt Carol who sent me this picture a long time ago and I never put it on the blog...oops!

That's all for now.  Have a great week!