Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back to normal!

So, Jana and I were re-organizing on Thursday and in trying to do so, I thought I'd make a little "adjustment" (I was taking the lazy way out...), hence the picture in the previous blog! It was a pretty comical situation and we laughed for the whole hour it took us to put it all back together.

On Saturday, the weaving class was back making gorgeous pieces...
Diane made her second project extra wide to make a table runner...

Lisa decided to put some sparkly stuff in hers (bottom) and Sara experimented with color changes (top)...

Here is Lisa's first project:

And her second:

Both are gorgeous --- she's a weaving machine!

Here is my 16 Cable hat, made with the Debbie Bliss Fez (camel and wool):

I LOVE this yarn -- so nice and soft to knit with. It just feels wonderful.

Here is Karen with her vest made of the Plymouth Expression super bulky yarn:

And her second Blooming Cotton Scarf made with Cotton Rich DK:

She thinks it looks like fruit salad and I agree! Robin taught this class last year and is willing to teach it again if there is any interest.... let me know by commenting here or emailing me at (info at spinningroom dot net).

And Yvettes hat that she made with yarn she got in a swap:

She later found out that the person who had contributed this yarn to the swap spun it herself!

Ooh, and look who came to visit:

Pat's pomeranian puppy Little Bear. So cute!

And this is Lauries prayer shawl made with Malabrigo and a matching teddy bear:

The shawl is for a pregnant friend and the bear is for the coming baby! It's amazing how soft and wonderful the Malabrigo is.

Alison's super soft and comfy scarf made with Baby Alpaca Grande:

Cathy's very pretty cabled afghan made with Cascade Ecological Wool:

And finally, Anne's beautiful Great American Aran Afghan made with Cascade 220:
It took her over a year to make!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


At the end of this month, I'll have owned The Spinning Room for TWO YEARS! Can you believe it? Time has flown by and it's been so much fun. So, to celebrate and show my appreciation to you, my customers, I'm having the Third Annual Fashion Show-and-Tell (the first was when I took over the shop) on Wednesday, May 19 during the usual knit-in time, 6-8pm. So, bring your finished projects to show off -- and there will be munchies and door prizes too!

Speaking of showing off, here is my finally finished Lace Ribbon Scarf, made with Periwinkle Sheep Watercolors II sock yarn:

I love, love, love how this came out!

And I'm now working on Siesta, a short sleeve top, made with Haze, a new Queensland yarn (corn viscose and cotton!). It's very nice to work with and I LOVE the colors:

DK weight - PERFECT for spring/summer items.

And here is my Malabrigo Silky Merino mobius cowl made in 3 hours here at the shop last week:

Talk about a quick knit! Two sessions of this class are coming up if you are interested - the cast on is amazing...

Customer Show-and-Tell:

Andrea's hat knit with yarn she spun herself! (modeled by her daughter)

How great is that?

Anne's wonderfully cozy looking 16-Cable Hats made with Cascade 220:

I was so glad she brought these in -- I had been looking at this pattern to have as a potential class and after she brought them in, quickly picked out yarn to make my own. So fun and quick to knit! Stay tuned for my pics and info on a class.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Learning to knit vs. Learning to race

I asked Paul for the umpteenth time the other day if he wanted me to teach him to knit. His usual "no, thanks" was then followed by, "If you learn to race my car, I'll learn to knit." That's quite the challenge. I'm a little scared to race his car, although have thought about driving it down the track before (going 30 miles an hour, not 130 like he does!). Can you picture me in this?????

Customer Show and Tell:

Laura's Nancy's socks:

Laura got these unfinished socks of Nancy's at her memorial gathering and finished them up quite nicely! I love the checkerboard section. Nancy was making these with 3 Periwinkle Sheep colors. Her sisters each have a pair in the same colors!

Mary Jane's very soft and cozy scarf made with Taos:

Karyn's very pretty stranded mitten that she made in the class here at the shop:

Bill's baby sweater made with Encore Chunky:
He is a fairly new knitter and this came out great!
He is also an experience crocheter (which he did a lot of in the Navy!) and this is one of his doilies:

Allison's cabled fingerless mitts:
Also a fairly new knitter, she designed these herself!
Diane's very pretty Beaded Waterfall Scarf made with yarn from her own alpacas:
Bobbie's also very pretty Beaded Waterfall Scarf:
They took the class for this scarf together!

Chris' wonderfully colorful Lucy Bag made with Ella Rae Classic:
Stevie's Mermaid's Purse (with a little shark inside!):
Christine's wonderful Adult Surprise Jacket made with her stash yarn in the class here at the shop:
And Mary Kate's equally gorgeous Adult Suprise Jacket made with Encore, also in class here at the shop!:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"It stinks in here!"

That's all I heard for a day and a half while my February Lady Swetaer was blocking.

Apparently that wet wool smell has escaped Paul the other times I blocked things. Then followed, "What if it rains and it gets wet? Are you going to smell like that? Eewwww."
So, it's finally done and I love it.
Sans buttons, of course, but hopefully they will get put on very soon.

In other excitement around the homestead, we have a family of turtles in the pond:
And Mandy got into some trouble....
That's my Lace Ribbon Scarf and yarn, all tangled around her (a little hard to see in this picture but it goes up around her head and ears, down around her front legs, back legs and tail!) She got all excited when I was trying to brush Phoebe (again....) and Phoebe wasn't liking it, so she was making some noise. Mandy just couldn't stand it and started running all around the living room, picking up my scarf off the coffee table along the way. Luckily no damage to the project, although it took a couple minutes to get her untangled. Too hard to be mad at her --- she looked so cute because she had no idea what had happened!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A theme of sock yarn

What a beautiful day on Saturday! I had few minutes to sit ouside and knit....

Working the Lace Ribbon Scarf (with Periwinkle Sheep Watercolors II sock yarn in this wonderfully bright turquoise), for the upcoming class in May. The pattern is fairly easy to remember, which is nice. (And that's my Franklin Habit Work in Progress book where i keep notes of my projects....very handy)
While the weaving class was going on inside...
They were well on their way with their first projects by the end of class!
I also couldn't help but start a sock with the Spinning Room colorway of the Periwinkle Sheep Oh So Fine sock yarn.....
LOVE.IT. !!!! The skeins I had in the shop already sold out but more is on order to be dyed this week.
Customer Show and Tell:
Annies GORGEOUS Traveling Woman Shawl made with Periwinkle Sheep sock yarn:

And, she's already started a second one, again with Periwinkle Sheep sock yarn. (Do you sense a theme in this post? - PERIWINKLE SHEEP SOCK YARN has great colors and is wonderful to work with - AND IT'S NOT JUST FOR SOCKS!!!!)

Linda's crocheted baby blanket for a baby girl due to arrive in May:
Made with the new, bulky, Kids Rock yarn! So cute.
Laura's Saroyan Shawl, the shop sample for the class she is teaching in June! :
Made with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran - so wonderfully soft! The leaf pattern edge is gorgeous.
And Laura's handspun yarn, made with the Frabjous Fibers roving in the color Cottage:
Her 5th(6th?) baby surprise jacket (on her way to catching up with Joan who has made 28!)
And finally, Laura's beautiful mobius cowl made with Nature Wool chunky:
More on my FINISHED (!) February Lady Sweater in the next post....

Friday, April 2, 2010

A "Spinning Room" colorway!!

YAY! Look at this great Periwinkle Sheep Oh So Fine sock yarn, in "Spinning Room" a colorway exclusive to The Spinning Room yarn shop....
I gave Karin at Periwinkle Sheep my business card and asked her to make a custom color, just for the shop. She did a great job - I LOVE IT!!!! "Spinning Room" socks coming up soon on my needles....
AND she brought more colors too...
From left to right: truffle, daffodil (or rubber duck, if you like!), rosewood, teal and sandalwood
Beautiful, beautiful colors...
Thank you Karin for working your dyeing magic once again!