Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday Cheer!


Very nice!

And Altamont has put up these flags on their lightposts:

Also very nice!

Hopefully I'll be working on my holiday window decorations tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

And so start the holiday rituals...

1) Watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: favorite part? Franklin trying to sit in the chair and then only being able to peer over the edge of the table. To this day, I reference "the Franklin chair" when trying to struggle with a folding chair. I tell ya, these things stay with you (as many of you know from all of my Brady Bunch references). And popcorn, toast and jelly beans for Thanksgiving. Shouldn't it be that simple?

2) Thanksgiving at my aunt's (every other year). Get there late morning. Eat appetizers until 2. Eat dinner. Go for a walk to visit the tree she planted in memory of my grandfather. Picks names from a hat to buy presents for Christmas. Eat dessert. Go home. (All the while catching up with family I haven't seen all year, of course!)

3) Put up holiday decorations at home the weekend of Thanksgiving. Little lighted village, garland, lighted deer on the lawn. Tree comes a little later.

My landlord just stopped by to say he hired someone to decorate the outside of my building! YAY!!!! They already did the apartments next door and it looks great. I'm going to be working on decorating my shop windows this weekend if I can.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day off goings on

I've been working on the new class schedule for Jan/Feb/Mar and therefore have been knitting up a storm of samples for the classes...
A square from the Lizard Ridge afghan to learn short rows and wrapping stitches :
This is a pattern on and can be found by clicking here: )
Each square is made from one skein of Noro Kureyon. It's nice because you can use many different colors and therefore don't have to buy all the yarn at once. Just knit one up every now and then, and eventually you have a beautiful afghan.
A double knit checkerboard scarf:
Using Cascade 220 (solid charcoal) and Andes (hand painted blues/grays/lavenders). This is a double sided scarf and reversed (the black checks on this side are blue on the other side etc). Fun technique to learn. Makes a nice thick scarf!
Other potential projects in the works for classes are the Clapotis - another pattern (; some sort of mobius knitting; felted clogs (of course); finishing techniques; socks; baby surprise jacket again; constant companion bag again and more! Suggestions???? Please comment!
And here's a better picture of the Woodstock Knits alpaca lace leaf shawl which shows the pattern better:
In addition to all this knitting, I decided to knit hats for my three nephews and my dad for Christmas. Started one hat today. I think they should go pretty quickly. (famous last words).
Today was also the day to start preparing for Thanksgiving. We are going to Boston for the day, to my aunt's house. I'm making my "famous" bread dip and broccoli salad, so I did some of the prep work today so I won't have to do so much tomorrow night when I get home late.
Knit-in WILL be happening tomorrow so I hope to see you there.... I'm bringing goodies!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

I've been very busy here at the shop...

I've been practicing my spinning! Here is what I did this morning...
It leaves A LOT to be desired,but I'm getting the hang of it.

Here is the felted sheep -- SO CUTE!:
I just have to figure out how to add some eyes and a mouth.
And the Woodstock Knits Alpaca Leaf Lace Shawl:
I need to do a little bit better job of blocking, but I wore it yesterday and really like it. It's very warm!

I put together the Kromski Symphony wheel (with Paul's help!) and it is now displayed in the shop. What a pretty wheel!:
Finished one sock with Cashmere Sock Yarn from ArtYarns (cashmere, wool, nylon):
Love this - it is so soft and very comfortable!
Started wristers (like fingerless gloves) with Cashmere 5 by ArtYarns:
This is 100% cashmere and so very nice! I know I should be knitting the second sock, but couldn't wait to try this...
That's all I've been doing. Not much.

Monday, November 17, 2008

We have a winner!

Sharon Rose was the first to guess correctly!
Followed closely by Nancy who didn't post in the original "Contest!" blog like she was supposed to : P ... Diane and Dierdre were close behind, with Dierdre apparently getting my "baad" joke. You three get runner-up honorable mentions (sorry, no prize. just a mention). Sharon Rose will win a Lantern Moon sheep tape measure! (Had to give a prize that included a sheep...) Please email me at with your mailing information.

While waiting for all your responses, I finished knitting the sheep:

....and it is now in the washer felting. Stay tuned for the final picture.

One of my customers made this sheep and it was so adorable I had to try it myself! I'll be having a class on this in the next session of classes (Jan/Feb/Mar).

Well. That was fun, wasn't it?!?!?! We'll have to do this more often.

Mystery Project Contest Clue

Here is another picture, with the project further along:

Clue: Your guesses are getting closer, especially those that think it will be felted. This has been a really fun project. The pattern looks a little difficult but it really wasn't baad. In response to one post, the project measures about 15" across the widest point. Please post your guesses on the original "Contest!" post. Good Luck!

I finished the Woodstock Knits alpaca Leaf Lace Shawl! Pic of this to be posted once I steam it flat. It looks a little weird right now.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mystery project....

Ok, no correct guesses yet, although someone is close. Stay tuned.... tomorrow I'll post a picture of it knitted further along and give you a clue. (Sorry I can't do this sooner - it's been BUSY at the store!)

Friday, November 14, 2008


My alpaca leaf lace shawl is zipping along! I've got 21 of 62 inches knitted already....

love it love it love it! The pattern will be more visible once it is blocked.

And, guess what this is going to be:

No, I mean it. Guess. The first one with the correct answer will get a prize! Those of you who have been listening to me around the shop lately may be able to guess right away. Leave your guess in the comments.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another great blog

I found another great blog and have put it on the list to the right... or you can click here:

Check it out. In addition to her blog entries, on the left side of her blog there are free patterns, and patterns for sale. She also has a section called "My helpful tips" with, among other things, a great description of picking up gusset stitches for a sock here:

In other news, I got completely overwhelmed by the Euro Yarns yarn rep today... he was here to show me yarns for SPRING. Can you believe it? There were so many nice things. Again, SO hard to decide. Lots of cotten blends. Some froofy silk yarn - VERY pretty. Two new Mirasol yarns which I loved. Stay tuned. They won't be here until February or later....

Put my Woodstock Knits Ribble scarf on hold so I could start the Woodstock Knits alpaca leaf lace shawl. It goes MUCH faster than the scarf since it is knit double. This would be a terrific holiday gift for this reason alone - ok and that the alapaca is just so wonderfully, yummily soft. These should be coming to the shop soon, and can also be seen at the trunk show Dec 3 (4-8:30pm)!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More yarn, more projects...

Got more yarn in today! Trekking XXL sock yarn and Andes. Also, I posted the pictures of the other new yarns I got last week. Check out the "news" section of the website here:

New yarn, means more projects. I'm still working on my Woodstock Knits Alpaca scarf. I'm about half way done. Then I have to finish the Art Yarns Cashmere sock. I can't wait to get to the Woodstock Knits shawl and market bag. I want to also make something with the Andes - beautiful variegated yarn!

I've scheduled a trunk show for Art Yarns and Woodstock Knits to take place before and at the knit-in on Wednesday Dec 3 (4-8:30pm)! This will be so great - you will get to see all the beautiful color combinations of the Art Yarns as well as the various kits that Woodstock Knits has. While I can't carry everything, you can order ANYTHING that night...maybe the cashmere sock yarn??? I'll have some goodies to nibble on, too.

In day off news, I went for a massage which was very nice! We also had some friends and their kids over for lunch yesterday. We don't get to see them often so it was a good time. They hadn't seen the store yet, so we brought them down and they loved it. The kids loved it too (2 year old twins!).

I'm off to try and get some knitting in before the knit-in since I haven't been able to knit during the knit-in lately. Not that I'm complaining.

P.S. I just read the Yarn Harlot's blog where she talks about the Noro Striped Scarf being last year's "it" project. Me not being in on last year's "it" project, I didn't know this and thought it was something "new". I'm sure there are those of you out there that knew this and I thank you for not pointing it out in the comments! The Yarn Harlot talks about not following the fad, but then realizing that every scarf comes out different, so it's not like you'd be knitting the same scarf as everyone else. Plus, someone she knows wants a scarf and likes stripes, so she's knitting one. At any rate, that scarf is on my long list of things to knit.

Monday, November 10, 2008

More yarn!

I got in a LARGE shipment of yarn from Cascade on Friday. I took pictures but, of course, forgot to download the pics. So, I will post those soon. In the meantime....
I've added about 20 colors to my Cascade 220 collection. They look very pretty on the shelf since I tried to put them in rainbow order.
I also added about 8 colors to the Ecological Wool (wonderful chunky yarn) - in enough quantities for sweaters!!!
Also, two new yarns... Eco Alpaca (100% undyed alpaca) in, of course, 6 natural colors (browns, greys and black). Very soft. 220 yards, worsted weight.
AND Heritage Sock Yarn! In solid colors, since you've been asking for them. Very nice, soft, wool. 400-something yards, merino superwash and nylon.

The weekend was busy. My mom came to visit and hung out in the shop. She left with some new knitting projects, including starting her first pair of socks! Pumpkin Muffin Day was Saturday and several people got to enjoy that. The Spinning Class got started and was a big success. They will be back next Saturday to learn to ply. The Mountain Treadlers had their monthly meeting at the store and it was a lot of fun.

That's all for now. I'm off to have a massage! I got a gift certificate for my birthday so I'm induling in a massage and hopefully come home to take a nap!
Then work on my Woodstock Knits alpaca Ribble Scarf.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Projects

I finished the Silk Rhapsody scarf:

I love it! It is so soft and warm.

Here is what I'm working on now...
Socks with Art Yarns Cashmere Sock Yarn:
Wow. This is really nice yarn. And it feels so nice knitted up. I'm deciding if this is something that would sell, so I will have them on display for you to see/feel and give me your opinion.

The Ribbled Scarf kit from Woodstock Knits:
The kit comes with alpaca yarn and a pattern, packaged in a cute box. It's hard to see the pattern in this picture, but it is a 2X2 rib with garter stitch borders and reversible cables. It's very nice! More of these will be in the shop soon along with other kits (market bag, shawl and socks).
Nothing else too exciting going on, other than we have a new president. What a nice change. (Ha - get it? CHANGE.) That's about as political as I'll get on this blog.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Turning the clocks

As you know, we turned the clocks back this weekend. I reminded the Sunday class participants so they wouldn't show up "early". I turned the clocks back at home. I turned them back at the store right when I got there on Sunday. Did I turn it back in my car? No. As a result, I got in the car to do errands this morning, looked at the time (9:00am), and thought: "Huh. I didn't think it took me THAT long to get ready." Then as I was driving up the street, I saw a kid waiting for the bus and I thought: "Huh. I didn't think school started THAT late." Then, I got to the bank at 9:15 and saw the teller getting out of her car and thought: "Huh. She's late today." Then I saw the bank manager standing outside the door and she said "Can I help you?" and I warily said "Well, I want to make a deposit..." and she said "Ok, we open at 8:30." It was the most disorienting moment. I said, "Ok, I'll come back." And then realized about the clock. Der. I went to Wal-Mart first.

So, while I'm out running my errands, I see something I don't recall ever seeing before:

A negative political lawn sign. I've seen negative commercials etc, but usually I just see signs promoting one candidate or another. I've never seen one like this. Huh.
Also while on my errands, I finally stopped to take this picture, which I've been meaning to do for some time. They paved Rt. 156 going up the hill toward Knox recently. It was a relief to finally have a nice smooth road. Brand new. No bumps or potholes. But then there's this:
Ha! Cracked me up. Can you imagine the person painting, getting to this point and then realizing there's no going back?

The store was very busy Sunday with two classes: Spinning on a drop spindle and Continental knitting. Both classes were full and were a big hit. Here are pics of the drop spindlers...
and their pretty, plied, skeins:

I'm off to knit my Silk Rhapsody scarf. I think I'm almost done. Then I'm going to try my cashmere sock yarn. And then the Ribble Scarf kit from Woodstock Knits (with yummy, soft alpaca). And then....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Blog

A customer (thanks Nancy D.!) told me about this blog:

She and another customer (Laura!) have raved about his Noro Striped scarf. They are absolutely beautiful... on Ravelry search "Noro Striped Scarf" to see a bunch of examples. There are also some links on the brooklyntweed website (right side of the page under "recently completed". Ooh, I just realized I can put one of the pictures from his website here...

Pretty huh?
To make it, you need 4 skeins of Noro Silk Garden (in 2 different colors). The results are so striking. And it just so happens I have Noro Silk Garden here at the store! Just so you know.

In other news, Altamont was absolutely mobbed with trick-or-treaters last evening. I didn't realize it would be so crowded or I would have made more of an effort ---- It would have been fun to sit on the porch and hand out candy. I didn't have enough because I ate a lot of it not realizing there would be such crowds. I had gummy body parts which were extremely yucky and yummy at the same time. Once you get over the idea that you are eating a bloody foot (or a nose, or an ear or an eyeball), they are pretty tasty. I'll be more prepared next year.