Monday, December 13, 2010

We're winners!

We got second place for our tree at the Festival of Trees! (a plaque is forthcoming, I'm told). Another big thank you to Jana and Jean for carrying out my little idea ("What if we, meaning you, make little sheep out of roving like in this picture?"), adding to it, and making it terrific. Once the tree was dismantled, here is what they did at the shop with the decorations:

Cute, no?
Meanwhile, at the shop this weekend was the final session of the Felted Mitten class. Check out the before.....

And here are Bobbie's final product:

Aimee's Lizard Ridge Afghan! she started this at the beginning of August in the class we had and said she was going to finish in time for winter. She finished just before Thanksgiving! (just the crochet border to do...)
Aimee used the leftovers from the balls of Kureyon to make additional squares. She used 18 balls of yarn to make 24 squares.

Erin's pretty patchwork purse:
She even lined it!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just Show and Tell

(Disclaimer: the quality of some of these photos may not be the greatest since they were taken with cell phone when the shop camera was MIA!)

Sue's Double Cuff Felted Mittens made with Ella Rae Classic Sand Art:
And her Leaf Scarf made with Aslan Trends Invernal:
Linda's monkey!:

Another Linda's Heirloom Crochet Shawl made with Rustic DK:

Laura's first-ever chunky fingerless mitts made with Viking Balder:

Karen's cabled vest made with Baby Alpaca Grande Hand-dye:

Alison's needle felted possum:

And her beaded scarf made with Happy Feet:
and her Felted B4 Bag:

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Paul and I went to Sharon Springs on Saturday for their Victorian Holidays celebration. The reason I knew about this was from The Fabulous Beekeman Boys! Josh and Brent are Manhattanites who bought a home in the country and are now (also ) gentleman farmers. They have a reality show on Planet Green (or iTunes) which is hilarious and fun.

The home they bought is the Beekman mansion in Sharon Springs, just 45 minutes from Altamont. They have goats and have developed a business selling goat milk soap, cheese and other wonderful Victorian-ish items online and in their Beekman 1802 Mercantile on Main Street:

(there's Paul!)

(notice anything strange about this sign? The hours are all the same despite breaking up the week into sections....!)
There was filming going on for their show, so this sign was posted outstide the shop:
(we weren't there while cameras were there)
Truth be told, these pictures were taken the second time we went to the shop on Saturday. The first time we went, Josh and Brent were there! I got completely starstruck and forgot to take a picture of them. They were both very nice and I chatted for a little while with Josh about the goats (I didn't get to meet Farmer John - he crochets!). Josh wrote a book about their experience which I have read - and they both signed it:
(on the left is an iron icicle, ornaments that were made for them for this holiday season - you can see them hanging on the tree in the picture above.)
Outside the shop is a little spot for some of the goats:
While the cameras were not rolling at the shop, we did see them along the street:

Then we went for a wonderful lunch at The Black Cat cafe:
Where there were some diners dressed up in Victorian garb:

I had the yummiest curried chicken salad sandwich on raisin bread, and Paul had (what else????) Thanksgiving on a Sandwich. Then we had a ridiculously good donut for dessert. While we were eating lunch, I was lamenting about the fact that I had forgotten to take a picture of Josh and Brent. Then I spotted them walking by on the street! I ran outside to get a pitcure. That's them on the right:
When I came back in, a customer was laughing at me. Paul was trying to hide behind his sandwich.
Our next stop was the famous American Hotel:

It was very beautiful inside:
I've heard wonderful things about their restaurant and can't wait to go back to eat there.
I was sufficiently calmed down about the whole experience by now, that I was able to ask one of the owners, Doug (who is also in the show), if I could take his picture.

And this is the other owner, his partner Garth:

They had free hot chocolate and cookies!
Finally, I wouldn't have been satisfied if I didn't go see the Beekman Mansion and farm:

It is a beautiful setting.
And the left a sign for me:

I'll catch them next time.
And here is my loot from the Mercantile:
Soap, sugar plum candy, spicy (very) chocolate caramels, onion jam, tote bag.... I went nuts. I was very disappointed that they had run out of their cheese before I got there. I did get to taste it and it was very good (cow/goat cheese).
Ok, enough of my gushing, on to knitting stuff....
I made a Noro striped scarf for my uncle for Christmas.

I was worried when I was picking the colors that it wasn't going to be guy-ish enough, but once I got finished, I think it is. I love it.
I'm casting on today for the Autumn Vines Beret by Alana Dakos from Never Not Knitting -- this will be a class coming up in January!
Customer Show and Tell:
Bill's mittens made with Encore:

Karen's felted bag made with Ella Rae Classic Sand Art:

...and her cowl made with one skein of Baby Alpaca Grande:

Kathy's Echo Flower Shawl made with Happy Feet:

....and her felted bag made with Ella Rae Classic Sand Art:
And all the other projects she's been working on including the Snowflake Christmas stocking, socks, fingerless mitts and adorable fish mittens from Finding Nemo:

Susan's Shalom Cardigan:

...and her mini version of the Shalom Cardigan (both made with Eco Wool):

Ethel's socks made with Plymouth Sockin' Sox:

Friday, December 3, 2010

Altamont Victorian Holidays

This weekend is the Altamont Victorian Holidays with lots of different events going on. The events are mostly on Sunday, including Victorian home tours, dog parade, art exhibit at the Village Hall, music and more.

Then there is the Festival of Trees at the Masonic Temple (on Maple Ave) with a kick-off complimentary wine and cheese party on Saturday from 4-7pm (but the viewing continues on Sunday). You should go. Do you know why?...... Because The Spinning Room has decorated a tree there!

Jana and Jean did an EXCELLENT job decorating the tree with sheep and yarn and ribbons...

And there is a voting box there, so if you go , vote for ours! There are 12 trees total and the hall looks great with all of them decorated.
Also, the January class schedule is up on the website! Click here!
Mary's Lizard Ridge Afghan Square made with Noro Kureyon:
Lois' B4 Felted Bag made with Ella Rae Classic and Ella Rae Sand Art:

...and her felted hat! :

Nancy's socks:
...and her mobius cowls and Flounce scarf:

Eleanor's 6th (!) Done by Monday afghan made with Encore:

Anne's woven scarf which she made in the Weaving 101 class:

Karyn's Brattleboro Hat:

...and her stockings:

...and her very pretty Echo Flower Shawl made with Malabrigo Sock:

Annie's cowl made with Pastaza:

Laura's bead-accented shawl made with alpaca :

...and her very cute headbands:

Mary Kate's toe up socks which she learned in a class at the shop:

....and her B4 felted bag!:

All the B4 Bags are gorgeous! There are so many color combinations and they all look great. Another class has been scheduled for January -- check it out here.