Monday, July 23, 2012

Cobleskill Sunshine Fair

I thought this would be a good place to post the Wool Nook schedule for the Sunshine Fair.  I got this information from the Golden Fleece Spinners and Weavers Guild newsletter.

Hope you can make it to one event!

The Wool Nook opens each day at noon except for Aug.4 , when it will be open for the fleece to shawl competition from 10-3pm (9am for fleece to shawl participants)

July 27 12 :00 - 4:30 spinning demo with Betsy Neal 12:00 - 4:30 All about the Art of Rug Hooking with Laurie Kass

July 28 Wool Nook opens at noon. Spinning Bee competition(s) 3:30 and 5:30 Will Kwick Start Kris out treadle Marvelous Marion or will Sally Spinster take home the golden spindle , or will it be you? So, if you are already planning on attending the fair , bring your wheel too and come and join the fun competition to see who is the fastest wheel in the west!

July 29 wool nook opens at noon
12:30-4:30 Demonstration and Talk by Pamela Strousse from Pamela Strousse's School of 18th century American Crewel work 
12:30-? June Preston will be demonstrating spinning alpaca 
5:00-6:30 Jane Lacko and some wonderful 4H er's are going to demonstrate needlefelting 

July 30 Wool Nook opens at noon
12:30-4:30 Weaving Demo Days with Erika Adams - Learn how much fun it is to weave , from dressing the loom through the final project all this will be going on during the weaving demo days at the fair ! 
4:30 - 7:30 for children and adults too, make it and take it bracelets .. with Christine Sitterly

July31st Wool nook opens at noon
12:30 -4:30 Weaving with Erika Adams and Lorraine Connors - the Wonderful world of weaving , learn how much fun it is to make your own fabric !
6:00-7:30 Continuous strand weaving with with Erin Bradt of the Wren's Nest

Aug 1 Wool Nook opens at noon.
12:30-3:00 Jane Kaplan and Linda Amond present - Shoe Box Weaving for kids!
4:30-7:30 Spinning , Wheels and Tools through History . With Flora Kenyon and Elaine Larsen

Aug 2 Wool Nook opens at noon
12:30- 2:00 Needle Felting with Eileen Testo and Hope Alescio
4:30-7:30 Fabulous Felt making with Dev Tacy and Andrea Small

Aug 3 Wool Nook opens at noon
12:00 - 4pm The Fiber Animal Fun game for children
4:30- 7:30 knitting 101, with Fiber Artist Liz Fiorini , from Peace & Love Yarn

Aug 4 Wool nook opens at 9am for fleece to shawl competitors.
Wool Nook opens to the public at 10am for the fleece to Shawl competition. Come and Cheer the both teams of Golden Guild Members! Each team will try to create a finished 
shawl from a washed fleece , which will include carding, spinning plying and weaving and tieing off fringe whew...all in a span of time from 10-2 . You will be able to ask questions from each teams speaker and watch how and why a judge determines which team wins.

August 5th - ENTRIES MUST BE PICKED UP BETWEEN 9 am -12:00 noon or by prior arrangement .

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stitch by Stitch, Row by Row

So, I bet you've all been wondering where I've been.  Well...the month of June and early July is usually filled with haying for the farm.  I took some pictures while on the tractor this year along with a few pictures of the farm.  So, hopefully if you click the following link, you'll get the Flickr slideshow:  Farm and Haying June 2012

In other shop fun, we're on YouTube!  Kurt (aka nancyshusband), our resident newbie Spinner and not so newbie Ukulele player has written a very fun song all about knitting.  He surprised us one night at our knit-in and he and his Ukulele playing buddy Carrie, played and sang for us.  Then...HE MADE US SING!  What fun it was.  Here is the link to the Knitting Song on YouTube.  Below is his first take just to introduce us to the song!  The lyrics are absolutely perfect.

Now onto customer show and tell!

Here is Darla's (we miss you Darla...feel better!) woven runner.  Woven on a rigid heddle loom, it's so soft and the colors are nice and cheery.  

Jane's mohair scarf with a ruffle made with Drifting Gardens yarn.  Her mohair pretty!

I'm not sure who the next lovely items belong to...sorry.  But it looks like the Summer Flies shawl and 2 car seat blankets.  I just love the orange!

Don't you love Janell's crocheted floppy hat.  It fit me perfectly!  She was lucky to get out of the shop with it!

Here is some of Kurt's hand spun.  The colors are just beautiful.

Nancy C. has been very busy.  You'll see more of her FO's below but here are her 2 crocheted wash clothes.  She took the Beginner Crochet class and came in the next week with them both done!

And her beautiful Cedar Leaf shawlette.

Here is Jane again with her gorgeous Summer Flies shawl made during a class here at the shop.  It was her first larger lace project and she did a great job!

Karen was also on a roll.  Here is her Sycamore Vest.  Just love that color...

... and her Clapotis.

Nancy E's iPad cover.  Don't you just love the color?!?

Oooo...and more of Kurt's handspun.  He's really getting the hang of it!

Here's Lisa G's baby blanket.  She's a new knitter...but you wouldn't know it.  She just jumped right into the blanket!

Mary Kate was also on a finishing kick.  Here is her Sycamore vest...

...and little socklets.  Very nice Mary Kate.  We miss you BTW.  Hope you are having a great time!

And Jan's Lolita made during a knit along here at the shop.  It looks great!

I'm not sure whose this is...Yvette is this yours.  It's knit beautifully.

This is Nancy C's Hatchling Dragon made out of The Perwinkle Sheep's Wink.  The picture does not do this shawl justice.  It is just gorgeous in person!

 And more of Nancy C's FO's...

Here 2 hats and a beard!  How funny!

... a car seat blanket...

... a Noro scarf made of Silk Garden and a hat out of Cascade 220.  So nice!!!

That's all for now folks.  Enjoy your week!