Thursday, July 8, 2010


So, we went on vacation to Maine! We had beautiful weather and saw some beautiful sights. We didn't love where we stayed but that's what you get for renting a cottage on the internet. Live and learn. On the 10 hour ride there I worked on my Tudor Henley with Rowan Felted Tweed:

And Mandy did this:

When we turned off the main road to go to the cottage we had this road:
...which turned into this road:
....and had TONS of these:
(potholes/craters/ravines...any of these would apply). Enough said about where we stayed.
We went to Bar Harbor:

And had some yummy seafood and blueberry soda:
and of course:
...homemade ice cream and chocolates!
At low tide we walked across the sand bar to this island (it's gone during high tide -- the sand bar, not the island):
We went to Acadia National Park and up Cadillac Mountain:
(That's Bar Harbor in the background....waaaaaaay down there.)

And here are Paul's white knuckles on the drive up the mountain:
The road is sometimes very close to the edge and it felt like we were going to fall (neither of us is fond of heights so this could be a slight exaggeration ).
We also went to Schoodic Point and saw all the beautiful rocks and crashing waves:
(sorry, no crashing waves in this pic)
And what would a trip be without yarn shops?
We went to Shirley's Yarns & Crafts:
She had A LOT of yarn. For some reason, before and after we went, I kept referring to it as "Sheila's".
We also went to String Theory:

They have some commercial yarns but mostly focus on their own dyed yarns. I purchased some of their wool/cashmere/nylon blend sock yarn to knit my Citron with. More on that later (I've changed yarns three times for that project).
And finally, we went to The Lilac Lily yarn shop:
A very nice shop! I'll post pics of my purchases later....
All in all, a nice trip - Maine is just beautiful!


Registered Maine Guides said...
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Eileen M said...

Just heard the Obamas are vacationing there next week. You are so hip!

I love Acadia. I got engaged there. Drank champagne during the sunset on Mt. Cadillac, and strangers started an impromtu singing of "Amazing Grace". A perfect setting.

Marlaine said...

I was at the Lilac Lily yarn shop last fall and fell in love with it. Wish I was going back again soon - to the yarn shop and Maine.