Thursday, January 14, 2010

Muddling Through

You all are keeping me busy (thank you!) so I only have time to post show and tell today. Ok, end of year stuff, which highlights my so-called-organized-but-not-as-organized-as-I-thought-ness, is also keeping me busy. I'm beginning to loathe my QuickBooks program, even though it's really not its fault....
My finally finished double-knit hat made with the very yummy Super Aussie (superwash merino, mmmmmmm):
View #1
Kim's Ruffle Scarf made with the also very yummy DiVe Autunno:
Sorry it's not the greatest picture. I couldn't figure out how to arrange it on the table. Beautiful color!
Nancy's first scarves ever:
She even tackled a sampler pattern!

Lynn's hats! The top one is the cabled cap she made in class, with Baby Alpaca DK. The bottom one is made with some of her stash yarn.
Very nice!
Terri's Einstein Coat made with Ecological Wool:
It looks great!
Stevie's most adorable baby booties:
She decided to put snaps in place of the buttons -- how clever is that?
Sally's felted hat made with Noro Kureyon:
Nice and bright and WARM!
Cory wearing her Noro striped scarf:
Kathy's Bird In Hand Mittens made with Ella Rae Classic:
Stay tuned for more exciting posts after I muddle through all this paperwork stuff!


kbeth said...

Wow! I actually got a finished project on the blog! Go me! And thanks to everyone for their encouragement that the colors are actually nice. Its growing on me and it is so nice and warm! So Liz, Courtney and Nancy were all right...Kori was not...I can admit when I am wrong.

Karin said...

Quickbooks and I are definitely frenemies.