Thursday, January 28, 2010

6 degrees outside + 47 degrees inside =

....broken furnace! How nice to wake up to a nice chilly house. Paul was the lucky one that "got" to stay at the frigid house and wait for the fixer. I, of course, had to get to the nice warm shop to open on time. He tried valiantly to fix it himself and almost did, but we had to give in and make the call. It turned out that Paul had almost fixed it --- if he had just had one extra little vacuum attachment to get the soot from blocking the doohickey.

My "A Noble Cowl" is done!

Love it. Love the yarn (cashmere). It is soooooooo soft and wonderful.
Here is a cute cartoon Trudi shared with me:
Think of Leonard when you are feeling inadequate with your knitting...
Customer Show and Tell:
Jan made ankle warmers (from Robin's pattern that was on the blog the other day: ) to go with her Fetching Fingerless gloves!
As a reminder (I forgot to put it in the last email....), we have another Fetching fingerless gloves class scheduled for Saturday, Feb 6, 1-3pm (just to avoid confusion, there is the Wintergreen fingerless glove class - stranded- in the morning.... this is another one!). Let me know if you'd like to sign up.


lisa said...

Liz, do you carry the yarn you made that cowl out of?

Liz said...

Unfortunately, I don't carry that yarn. Yet -- maybe someday! It is Rowan Pure Cashmere DK.