Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More summer stuff.... and a summer contest!

Homefront news:
This guy visits us every year and he stopped by this weekend:

It's so stunning to see this really tall bird standing in the yard! (this picture doesn't do it justice) Luckily Mandy, who was hanging out in the back yard, did not see it and it gave me a chance to look at it for a while. Then, something made it fly off and it was amazing to see it's wingspan.

And last week, I looked out the window to see this:
Just hanging out, lounging around. After about an hour, it got up and lazily walked around the yard, then out front and across the street.
I have a tomato starting on one of my two plants!
I had a bit of a rough start to get these going in their pots, but I think they're on track now. One plant has about 11 flowers on it so far, and the other has one.
The project of the weekend was building a shed (yes another one!) for the wood:

Enough of that. How about some talk about yarn and knitting?
Shop talk:
A fun summer contest --- the Tour de Fleece! Tour de Fleece corresponds with the timing of the Tour de France cycle race and hence, is a spinning contest. HOWEVER, taking a cue from the Knitmore Girls podcast, we are going to have "hand-cyclists" too, so those who do not spin (but instead knit or crochet) can still take part. The contest will run from July 3-July 25. The idea is similar to the Knitting Olympics in that you choose a project to spin, knit or crochet that would be a challenge for you to finish in the three week time frame. You can call or email me at the shop, or reply to the post on Ravelry (hopefully to be posted soon) to tell me what your project will be. I'll keep track of these and we'll have a drawing for a prize at the end.

Over the weekend, Yvette taught the Wet Felting class! Here are the coasters and table runner that they worked on:
It looked like a lot of fun!

What's on and off my needles?
I made another Lizard Ridge Afghan square with Noro Kureyon, to get ready for the upcoming class (Friday, August 6, 9-11am):
These are a little addicting and I'm going to make another after I finish my other project...
....the Noro Leaf Shawl made with Noro Silk Garden:

This is a pattern designed by local knitter/designer Deb Anderson and I love it! Easy to knit and I love the yarn. She made one with reds/pinks/oranges and it is stunning.
Customer Show and Tell:
Nancy's Bloody Stupid Johnson Hat, made with Baby Alpaca DK:
Mary Kate's Traveling Woman Shawl, made with Periwinkle Sheep sock yarn:
Here is Chris with her matching Lucy Bag and felted hat made with Ella Rae Classic:
Christina's first ever hat!!! Made with Baby Alpaca Grande Hand-dye:
Nancy's Irish Hiking Scarf, made with Baby Alpaca DK:

Karen's Drop Stitch Scarf made with Malabrigo Worsted:
Wonderful projects - very inspiring don't you think?

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