Monday, June 21, 2010

Paul's Frustration

Paul took so much time to plant a million petunias (ok, 36) and the bunnies are having a field day. Each day, another petunia gone. I'd like to look at the bright side and say that they are dead-heading them for us, but..... yeah, that's not really working.
More on yarn later.... (I finished my Noro Shawl!)


Kim said...

Ack! I know the feeling, our two new disease-resistant elms have been acting as deer bait; all new leaves since transplanting have been devoured and the bud tips are gone. We got "deer sachets" that smell like public bathroom deodorizers to hang on the trees, as these worked well with our arborvitae in the past. Other than getting a watch dog (or cat), I don't have any bunny deterrent suggestions. Good luck!

Lisa said...

UGH! We are having the same issue. I plant at night and they are gone by morning...Some people think bunnies are cute---NOT ME! (Sorry Deirdre)