Sunday, September 11, 2011


This is a picture of my Grandmother taken by my cousin Carin, the photographer extradinare. My Grandmother died this week at the tender age of 99 and 7 months. My family will miss her and I want to thank you for all your kind thoughts and words this week.

The last two weeks have been very long for me between Kevin's parents being flooded out of their house because of Irene and the death of my Grandmother. Hopefully we'll get caught up this week and maybe start some kind of routine.

So, if I haven't posted in a while, it's in part because of my crazy life in general. But, people have been knitting around me so I do have pictures to share below. Everyone just amazes me with the lovely work they do.

I'll do my best to keep up with the blog but it probably won't be as frequently is Miss Liz did so bear (bare? which word should I use here English teachers?) with me.

So...on to some customer show and tell...

Jana's Blue Lace Shawl. I think the name of it is Eilli...that's what I had written down anyway. She knitted it with the Peace Love and Yarn. It's absolutely beautiful.

Heike's Morning Surf Drop Stitch scarf made with Tussah Silk. It's lovely and she was so excited to show it to me.
Kathy's mits made during class here at the shop. She made them with two colors of the new Cascade 220 Sport.
Laurie and Kathy's Leaflet Cardis, knit during the knit-along at the shop. There are still some more of us hoping to finish included!

And...Kathy's Mukluks...she's been busy as usual.

Annie's slouch hat made out of Cascade Eco-Duo. Have we mentioned how soft this yarn is???
Sheila's Gilet vest made out of the new Nadeshiko yarn from Noro. It's just beautiful.
Libby's Lana Grande Hat. So soft and squishy and is a very quick knit...
Needle felted flower from Trudi and Karen's class. Not sure who made it but it's very pretty.
Needle felted dog. How cute is that?!?!?

More hats from Annie! She's on a roll!


Joan said...

Didn't take my first comment but think it went like this:
Since we are not getting naked I'd go with "bear"

Karin said...

I agree with Joan. lol

I was sorry to hear about your grandmother! It's been many years since mine passed and I still miss her!