Friday, September 23, 2011

Out for a Sunday Drive

So, most of you know that Kevin and I have a farm.'s actually his farm, I'm just the rake girl. This Sunday was part of a beautiful stretch of Fall weather which means it's time for second cutting. So, I figured I'd show you all how I spend many a Sunday in the summer and into the fall. This is my rig, which when driven right, makes those pretty rows below... which Kevin is gobbling up in his baler. Doesn't that look like fun???
So far we've baled 775+ large rounds bales this year. It takes a lot of hay to feed 100 head of cattle!
Now onto customer show and tell...
This is Sally's scarf made from a Woodstock Knits kit. It's so nice and soft...just lovely!
Look at all these Aviatrix hats. Aren't they adorable? I'm sorry, I'm not sure whose they are though. Anybody?
Here's Sue Z's KGA's Blooming Felted Bag made during a class at the shop. It's just great. Love the button too! You can learn to make a button like that next Saturday 10/1 in Karen's class!
Cathy's Noro Striped Scarf and Noro leaf hat. Just beautiful.
Take a look at Allison's knitted cuffs with the needle felted embellishments. Aren't they cool?
And her knitted gauntlets with those fabulous ribbons.
And Kathy L's been up to her ears in knitting again! The slippers were made during Trudi's class here at the shop and the hat is made out of the new, wonderfully soft Eco Duo. Sorry...I forgot what the scarf was made out of but it's so beautiful.
And Mari's top down sweater also made here in class. My picture of it doesn't do it justice. The color of it is just great for the fall!


Jana said...

I have tractor envy!

Robin said...

Blog ON!