Saturday, February 4, 2017

Dear Customers,

As Lisa told you in our newsletter, we want to show off your finished projects in our blog. So, if you would like to see your works presented to the knitting community, please stop at the store and ask the ‘shop girl’ to take a picture of it. And please, do not forget to tell us the name of the pattern and maybe the yarn you used.

This is a picture of Iryth’s Technique class:

Kathy Loegering writes:
Here is one of the reversible hats you can make after you take Intro to Double Knitting with Iryth. It was made using 1 skein of 2 contrasting colors of Elysian by Cascade (219 yds). It was a challenging knit but well worth the effort with only a few errors that only I know 😉. It is a washable yarn, but softer than I liked, might suggest the use of regular wool for this project for a denser knit hat. Now I am on to try the geometric hat, wish me luck!! Kathy

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