Friday, June 20, 2008


I was so excited to start my own blog - and now I'm woefully delinquent in actually blogging! It's been so busy that I just haven't had the time. However, now that the newsletter, with 3 months of classes scheduled, is out and the "Making Room for Inventory" sale is over, I'm feeling a little less crazy.

I also had a visit from a yarn rep the other day. Of course he could only come on Tuesday, my day off! Figures. Wow, is it ever hard to decide what yarns to buy - I wanted everything he showed me! Now, before you start asking what yarns are coming in... I still haven't made my final decisions. Soon, though. Soon! Interesting that the three yarn reps I have seen have all been men and none of them knit. Not sure how that works, because I'd think somone who knits would make the best salesperson. They've all been doing this for many years though, and I think all of them have said to me, "I don't knit, but I know yarn."!

Just finished the second felted clog/slipper class and everyone seemed to be happy with their clogs! It's so neat to see the different colors everyone picks. Someone suggested we have a pajama night to show off the finished slippers. I have two more classes scheduled, so maybe in the fall we'll do just that.

Tonight is the Altamont Free Libary Chicken BBQ! It takes place right across the street from the store. How convenient and yummy.

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Courtney said...

I would have to agree... men who do not knit, or crochet, etc., but sell yarn does seem a bit odd. I guess as long as they know yarn and fiber, I'm willing to try to overlook it. *grin* Can't wait to find out what the new installments will be.