Monday, June 23, 2008

Not really a yarn shop thing

I left the shop on Saturday and decided to finally try to "open" the pool. The pool came with the house (which we moved into in October). We weren't looking for a pool. We decided that we'd just take it down. Then, I started thinking about it. Paul didn't. We struck a deal. Keep the pool if Liz takes care of it. However, some of the stuff is really heavy. So, Paul helped. We spent over an hour trying to get the water out of the cover of the pool. Water that was full of scummy, yucky leaves and about a million TADPOLES! It was so gross. We finally go the cover off and were pleasantly surprised to see that the water in the pool looked fairly clear. We expected it to look like the water in the pool cover.

Then we just looked at each other. Now what? We have no idea how to work a pool. So, today I went to the pool store and watched the amused face of the young man who was helping me and trying to answer my questions. What is the round hole in the pool for? What is the square hole for? Will all these chemicals kill the 10 frogs that took residence in the pool after we took the cover off? (the answer to #3 is no)

I think I'm set but first the pool needs more water. We narrowly avoided a well disaster yesterday after trying to bring the water level up. The water pressure in the house got very low and the water was coming out of the faucets in sputtering trickles. A little scary. So we have to do it gradually to allow the well water to replenish.

Despite Paul's dislike of the pool and not wanting to bother with it, he seems suspiciously excited at the prospect of using it...

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