Thursday, February 12, 2009

Knit-in tidbits

Movie recommendation from last night's knit-in: "Lars and the Real Girl" . We had much discussion about tv and movies, and this was recommended by several people including me. I enjoyed it very much. Ryan Gosling plays the lead and is just great. I'm also lamenting the fact that it appears "My Own Worst Enemy" (tv show with Christian Slater) does not appear to be back. Anyone seen it? It was really good. Very interesting and exciting. If anyone knows differently, please let me know!

Also, Eileen shared that she had been knitting for 9 years and NEVER MADE A SCARF! Can you believe it? We were all amazed. She first knitted a hat, then a mitten. Just never made a scarf. She was spared from all that oh-my-gosh-is-this-ever-going-to-end-so-I-can-make-something-else-or-something-more-interesting that scarves can bring out in us. I'm working on a Noro striped scarf for a store sample now and I'm going to get to that point soon. I'm about half way through, and ready to be in the home stretch. Although, I must say that becuase of the yarn, it is an ever changing pattern of color that is very cool to see as it evolves.

Robin brought in her cabled fingerless glove in-progress for me to take a picture and put on the website (see it here: under Feb 22 and March 14). Yet again, I left the camera plugged into the computer and drained the batteries. I had joked about buying the 48 pack of batteries but I going through them rather quickly now! Must fix that...

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I recommend rechargeable batteries - especially for digital cameras!