Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2 Circular Needles

Sock is back on two needles! (Although you can't tell by the picture ---I'm a little annoyed with the curling of the needles I'm using, but have not wanted to stop to dip them in hot water to straighten them out. )
It wasn't hard to fix. I'm reserving judgement about how I like this method until I'm done. With BOTH socks.

I haven't gotten too far because I was working on the projects below...

The 9th session of the felted clog class started this past Sunday! I'm finally making a pair for myself and hopefully will get to wear them before it gets warm. Here they are, not quite done so I can teach some techniques in the second class:

And here is my Lucy Bag, also not quite done so I can teach grafting in tomorrow's class:

Check out how cute the Baby Surprise Jacket looks on this American Girl doll!:

Thanks to Fern for loaning her to me. She is wearing the smallest size, made with fingering weight yarn and knitted with size 3 needles (by Joan!). So cute!

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Anonymous said...

Would that be Joan, as in TRUE?