Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Knitting from an engineer's point of view

Paul and I were having a conversation the other day and he said "Hey! Knitting follows the first law of energy." Remember, he is an engineer and learned this in one of his engineer-y classes in college. Or maybe it was physics in high school. Can't remember. Anyway, the first law of physics states "Matter is neither created not destroyed - it just changes form." And as Paul pointed out, it does apply to knitting. Fleece turns into roving which turns into yarn which turns into a scarf. It's so interesting to see knitting from his point of view - he is very technical, organized and detail oriented. I'm still trying to convince him to learn to knit - then it would get really interesting!

My Sniffle Mitts are coming along nicely. The mittens are done. I just have three more panels to make for the pockets. Then I'll sew them on and they'll be done.

Still pondering my Knitting Olympics project and still leaning toward challenging myself to finish my unfinished projects. But, I'm itching to start something new too!

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emcknits said...

As another engineer, Paul is right.