Friday, March 5, 2010

Crazy Snow

Seriously, what WAS that??? FOUR DAYS of snow. Up on the hill where we live was much worse than down in town, in Guilderland and in Albany.
Our road, with snow banks up to the bottom of the stop sign...

Our backyard, with Mandy's dog house completely covered:

One of the days, we looked out, saw the road was completely covered and not plowed well and I told Paul he better drive me to the bank and then to work (since my car needs snow tires and is horrible in the snow). So, off we went. We turned out of our road onto 156, drove about 100 yards and then the road was just wet and mostly clear. As we got further into Guilderland, the roads were completely clear and dry. It was a completely different world than up on the hill. I felt silly having asked Paul to drive me!

And on Wednesday of the snow-week, I got to the shop and the snow banks were so high on the sidewalks with no entrance to the sidewalk from the street! The sidewalks weren't even cleared - just a one-shovel-wide path from the back of my building to the fron. Hence, didn't open until 2pm, and even then, the sidewalks didn't get plowed by the town until 4pm. Too bad I didn't think to take pictures....

This week, though, and today in particular, has been so nice. The sun is shining and it's not too cold. I'm telling you, I was SO tired of the snow. I'm hoping these are the signs of spring and there won't be any more snow.

Ooh, and I've been meaning to share with you some knitting podcasts I've been listening to. They are a lot of fun and you can pick up some knitting tips while listening to the adventures of fellow knitters. Here are some of the ones I've been listening to:

The Knitmore Girls

Sticks and String

Manic Purl

Belle of the Ball

I also love Love LOVE the This American Life podcast (usually on NPR) Not knitting, but great stories about life.

Customer Show and Tell
Mary Kate's Lucy Bag made with Ella Rae Classic:

Love the pin!

Stevie's adorable butterfly cocoons:
That turn inside out into butterflies!!:

Jan's very pretty Drop Stitch Scarf made with Ester Bitran Linares in a class here at the shop:

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Steph said...

The cocoons into butterflies are so cute!!

That was a lot of snow. It's been so warm the last few days though that I can see the grass again. Crazy weather.