Monday, March 1, 2010

Knitting Olympics and other show and Tell

I'm way behind so this is just a show and tell post!

Nancy E's Bella Mittens, finished for her Olympics Project:

Lisa's Felted Clogs finished for part of her Knitting Olympics project:

She didn't get to finish her vest, though :(

My Bird in Hand Mittens - one of my WIP's for the Knitting Olympics:

The left one ended up a little bigger than the right one, but I haven't blocked it yet....

Laura's Saroyan Shawl, finished for the Knitting Olympics!:

Laura's other recent finished projects....

Love those Bird in Hand Mittens!
Mary Kate's sock finished for her Knitting Olympics project:
AND she got part of the second one done!

Nancy G's Noro Leaf Hat, finished for the Knitting Olympics:

Diane's Nimbus made with Katia Peru, finished for the Knitting Olympics:

Barbara's socks made with Crofter DK, finished for the Knitting Olympics:

Sue's felted bag, made with a recylced sweater:

Nancy C's first (!) hat made with Taos,:

Mary Janes adorable hat and Pebble Yoke Sweater made for Natalie:

Jan's "A Noble Cowl" made with Willow Tweed, finished for the Knitting Olympics:

Erica's Wintergreen Mitt, made as a full mitten instead of fingerless:

Karen's Expression vest:

A new runner carpet for the shop:

Ha! Snuck that one in there!

Cheri's Lucy Bag, embellished with her needle felted flower, both made in classes here at the shop:

My Swirl Scarf, another WIP finished for the Knitting Olympics:

Darla's Einstein Coat made with Cascade Eco Wool:

Darla's needle felted snowman and flower, and her woven scarf:

I'm doing all my ooh-ing and aah-ing here at the end .... they are gorgeous and beautiful and congratulations to those of you who were able to finish your Olympics Projects!

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