Sunday, August 8, 2010

And the winner is.....,.

Looks very pretty. However.
The silver buttons are too heavy!!!! When you wear it, and have it unbuttoned, the side with the buttons flops over so much with the weight of it, that it hides the buttons. So..... I think I have to make an executive decision and go with the second place winner. The RED ones! Stay tuned for the final picture.
By the way.... I'd like to note that I actually sewed on the silver buttons. As you know, my track record with button-sewing is not great as evidenced by my Adult Surprise Jacket, February Lady Sweater and Tappan Zee, all of which still do not have buttons.
Knit-a-long Progress:
Yesterday I had gotten to the end of the hip shaping for the right side, ready to start dividing for the neckline:
.....when I realized I had missed part of the directions! Because my row gauge was off, and I didn't want to go up a needle size to make the fabric even looser, I decided to make the next size up, which is the 1X. But, I forgot to continue with the size 1X directions after the sleeve and before the hip shaping. ARGH!!!!!
And so there's this:
I've now gotten to casting on the sitches just before the hip shaping again. I hate ripping back. A lot.

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