Saturday, August 28, 2010


It's been a while since I've showed you what I'm working on!

Just finished the Woodstock Knits Geometric Silk Scarf Kit:

Lovely yarn! Still needs to be blocked and it will then be wider and the pattern will show up better. The kit comes with 4 beads to attach to the corners of the scarf - so cute. Final picture will be posted...

Still plugging away on the Mythos (for the Knit a Long) and I'm so happy with it! The first side is done:

For those who aren't familiar with it, the part in the lower left corner is the cuff/sleeve; the part to the right is the right front and the part in the upper section of the photo is the right back. Once the two sides are done, they are grafted together in the center back. Pretty neat huh?

I've just started the second side:

And here is my Undulating Waves beaded scarf, getting knit up as a sample for the upcoming class!:

Close-up of the beads:

Once it is blocked, all the bumps will go away. It is really a gorgeous scarf. I'm using the Periwinkle Sheep cashmere/merino blend sock yarn and it is SOOOOOOO yummy. The pattern for this scarf will hopefully be in the shop soon! Did you know that the designer of this scarf, Laura Nelkin, is also the designer of the Mythos cardigan????

Customer Show and Tell:

This is Becky with her Echo Flower Shawl :

She came to the shop for the first time yesterday (would have been nice if I got a picture of her face, right?) and is an avid spinner and a knitter. I forgot to ask her what she knit this with. Gorgeous - I put it in my Ravelry queue!

And here are Kim's beautiful beaded scarf made with Berroco Ultra Alpaca (mmmmmm... alpaca):

And her pretty drop stitch shawl made with a cottony Noro whose name I can't remember(!):

Deirdre and Dorah both came into show me their completed Tappan Zee cardi's yesterday (the day that I happened to be wearing my own Tappan Zee!), and to get buttons/shawl pin for them. I completely forgot to take pictures but wanted to tell you that they are gorgeous!!! I'll get pictures the next time I see them.

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