Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Racing... the car kind and the knitting kind

Over the Labor Day weekend, we headed to Englishtown, NJ for a race. It was a perfect day for sitting outside knitting and watching the races! I worked on my Mythos and got it nearly done by the time we got home.

This is Raymond, Paul's friend Rob's dad:

He loves my chocolate chip cookies:
He is Rob's biggest fan and Paul's second biggest fan (I'm the first, in case you were wondering).

This is Paul going down the track. You can see Raymond on the right side of the picture, taking pictures. He's got a great camera and always gets the best pictures.

Paul got a trophy for making it to the quarter finals. Unfortunately he red-lit (like a false start) and was out of the competition. Rob, however, won the whole shebang!

Meanwhile, yesterday it was getting a little chilly, making me put these on for the first time this season:
Yay! Wool socks! And just in time for all the upcoming sock classes.

What's on my needles?
I've been knitting like crazy, racing to get some done for class samples and some to just get done. Sometimes feeling like I'm getting somewhere and sometimes feeling like things are taking forever.

My Mythos is OFF my needles! Finished it after getting home from the races. It's been blocked and I'm working on the side seaming. then it's on to grafting the back and applying the i-cord. I'm making steady progress and it's exciting to see it almost finished. No current pics though...

I cast on for the upcoming Knit-a-Long project the Echo Flowers shawl with Alsan Trends Santa Fe sock yarn (it can also be knit with laceweight):
This picture does not do the pretty fall colors justice (I'm still working on getting good pictures.... as an aside, I'm looking into having Jim Miller from Desolation Road Studios two doors down from me come in to do a class on how to photograph your projects! If this is something that would interest you let me know....). More info on the knit a long coming up very soon -- I wanted to get it started in order to know what participants might encounter in terms of trouble spots. So far so good and I love the pattern!

I'm also still working on the Undulating Waves Scarf sample for the upcoming class. I have only three repeats to go! Pics soon....

And finally, I'm working on a special Spinning Room sock pattern to debut at Rhinebeck with the Spinning Room colorway of the Periwinkle Sheep Oh So Fine! Sock Yarn.

Whew. Lots of knitting. Haven't seen Paul since Englishtown.... :)

Customer Show and Tell:
Mary Jo's adorable pumkin hat!:

Stevie's also-adorable knitted pencil!:

Nancy was on a felting spree... here are her clogs made with Lamb's Pride Worsted:

...and her Constant Companion Bag made with Ecological Wool:

And here is a different Nancy's gorgeous drop stitch scarf made with Fantasy Naturale:

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