Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A fiber festival! (without pictures...)

Paul and I went to the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival at the Washington County Fairgrounds on Saturday. The first snag was that I forgot to bring the camera. Then I realized I could take pictures with my cameral. Yay, problem solved. The second snag was that I didn't know that I had to hit "save" after taking my pictures. So, I only saved pictures of our last stop, the ice cream place. All was not lost - at least you could see that. The final snag was that I couldn't figure out how to send the pictures to myself. Hence, no pictures. Note to self: Remember the gosh-darned camera!

HOWEVER, we did have a really nice time! It was a gorgeous day and there were lots of very nice vendors. I got some sock yarn and a kit with roving and a sock pattern so I can spin my own yarn to knit the socks. How fun will that be????? AND, of course, we ate. Burgers. And yummy french fries - a huge pile served in a bowl that looked like a dog dish! (man am I sorry that picture thing didn't work out...). Cider donuts which were yummy. And then ice cream.

In the meantime, fall is starting to show itself:

Although, you wouldn't know it seeing our petunias continuing to grow and bloom:

(The ones in front of the shop don't look like this, that's for sure....)

And our mum has really taken off:

It was very tiny last year. I can't wait until it blooms!

Take a look at Karen's latest Constant Companion creation, made with the new Ella Rae Sand Art:

How gorgeous is that??? She made some modifications to the pattern to make it more of a chic/mod purse, rather than a big tote. Class coming up October 9 & 23, if this is enticing you!

LOTS of Customer Show and Tell:

Stephanie's cute crocheted spiral hats:

Anita's very pretty blanket, sweater and hat set for a donation:

Sue's adorable hooded baby jacket, made in a class at the shop, with Encore Chunky:

Deirdre's wonderful chunky hooded vest:

Kathy was busy finishing and blocking lots of projects!
Her top down cardigan:

The Mythos made with Periwinkle Sheep Sock Yarn for the Knit-a-long:

Adorable felted purses:
Pretty Noro Leaf Hat:
Cute "Traffic Jam" vest:
And her also-adorable hooded baby jacket made in the class:
Ann had also been busy knitting!
Here is her "Lanesplitter Skirt" (a pattern) made with Noro:
Adorable baby sweater made with Cotton Rich DK:
And a nursing shawl made with Happy Feet sock yarn:

Cathy's gorgeous beaded shawl:
Nancy's wonderful man's scarf made with Debbie Bliss Fez:
Another Nancy's gorgeous woven bag:
Hats made by Carol and Florence!:
Robin's adorable Kiddie Cadet Cap:
Stevie's also-adorable non-biting bed bug!:

Jan's gorgeous Blooming Cotton Scarf made with Cotton Rich DK:

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Steph said...

Oh wow, that is a lot of show and tell!! I love the felted sheep bag - that is just adorable.

My poor hats look so much better on heads!! :P I'll have to get pics up on my blog.