Monday, September 20, 2010

So bad for you it's ridiculous

Paul and I went to the Apple Festival this past weekend. Aside from seeing all the pretty crafts, we did our usual tour-de-food. The ribbon chips were really yummy...

As we were carrying our chips to find a place to sit, Paul saw a guy look at the chips I was carrying and said to his friend how good they looked. Then he also said to his friend, "Those are so bad for you, it's ridiculous." Mmmmmm, but they were GOOD! So were the cider donuts, kettle corn and bread from The Rolling Pin (a local bakery and catering company from Schenectady). Now we're on a health kick.

What's on and off my needles?
I started and finished (in two days!) a pair of Maine Morning Mitts with Peace Love Yarn's organic merino bulky hand-dyed yarn.....

Liz Fiorini, from Peace Love Yarn, came to replenish my stock and said to me, while handing me a skein of yarn, " Do you like purple?" Do I like purple????????? I said yes, and absolutely loved this color and knitting with this chunky yarn. This pattern calls for worsted weight but knitted up just fine with the bulky.
I'm also still working on the Echo Flower shawl for the upcoming knit-a-long and it's coming along nicely. No picture of my progress.... but more info coming soon about the knit-a-long. Anyone game for this one?
I also cast on for the Girasole by Jared Flood, with Pastaza (yummy llama/wool yarn):
A circular blanket, it makes it hard to show you my progress!
AND I cast on for a pillow from the new book Knitting at Home, which is a book full of Ella Rae designs, made with Ella Rae classic, heathers and superwash. LOVE this book - it has so many patterns I'd like to make. And who knew that I'd want to make a pillow? I didn't - but I just loved it. Picture coming as soon as I've made some progress. I'm a little bit stuck on the second section (10 rows in) with the bobbles.
Customer Show and Tell:
Deirdre's beautiful Tappan Zee made with Pima Tencel:

Susan's adorable hat made with Jeanee:
Diane's gorgeous circular shawl made with natural and dyed yarn from Yellow Farm:

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