Monday, January 10, 2011

Double Talk

A Saturday morning conversation:

Paul: "I think I'll take the tree down while you are at work, if you don't mind."
Me: "Awwwww." (meaning, "I wish we could continue to enjoy the lights and the tree.")
Paul: "Well, if you want me to wait for you, I will." (totally misinterpreted my "awwww")
Me: "No, I meant 'I wish we could continue to enjoy the lights and the tree.' If the tree is going to be taken down, you don't have to wait for me." (meaning, "please don't wait for me because I really don't want to do it.")
He waited. (totally misinterpreted my "you don't have to wait for me")
Darn it.

Meanwhile, at the shop on Saturday we had the first meet up of the Wonderful Wallaby Knit-a-long! We had a few people there, but the weather seemed to keep others from getting there. Everyone got a good start on their sweaters. So far, it seems most are making a larger version of the sweater. I'm making the smallest, as a sample of the Ella Rae Superwash for the shop. Here is my progress so far:

The technique for picking up stitches for the pouch was new to me, but I figured it out and it seemed to come out just fine. I gave a little demonstration of how to do this at the KAL. Now, I'm ready to start the sleeves which will be joined to the above peice (also a new technique for me) before continuing to knit in the round.

What else am I knitting? Nothing! I have several things waiting for me to pick them back up including the Echo Flower Shawl and the Volna scarf. I'm going to make a little more progress on the Wallaby, then work on these.

Customer Show and Tell:
Carol's socks made with the Viking Balder (a superwash bulky wool):

and this adorable coat she made for her dog, Kelly:

Jan has been knitting up a storm!:

Above are her two Gathered Scarves (teal and brown; a free pattern, made with Malabrigo Silky Merino), Traveling Woman Shawl (made with blue Happy Feet Sock yarn), cowl (made with green Encore Tweed), and her La La's Shawl made with burgundy Pastaza).

Sally's pretty beaded scarf (I forgot to ask her the yarn she used!):

and here is the beginning of the amaryllis plant she gave me:

Thank you Sally!

Nancy C.'s car seat blanket made with Encore:

Stevie's next two animals, a bunny and a tiger, in her quest to make 50 (I think it's 50. Maybe it's more!)

Cheryl's Shalom Cardigan, made with Cascade Ecological Wool, in one of their pretty new heathered colors:

Kim's very pretty beaded shawl:

Flora's very cool Sev[en] Circle cowls made with sock yarn:

So unusual, and it looks great on (I tried it)!

Alison and her gorgeous Heather Hoodie Vest

...made with Cascade Ecological Wool in another of their pretty heathered colors! (In case you didn't realize, this is a very popular yarn and wonderful to knit with - you should try it!)

Barbara's very first pair of adult socks (after taking the socks 101 class)!:

Mari's very pretty socks, made with a Paton's yarn (can't remember the name!):


Joan said...

Must be something wrong with my phone cause the Wonderful Wallaby looked purple in the picture--hehehe, joan

Joan said...

Forgot to say that I'm taking the wonderful wallaby with me on my cruise--think I can get in done in a week in about a size 2????