Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thunderstorm Season

Do I dare say the "nice" weather is here? It's been nice and warm, but it's been cloudy and rainy. Beggers can't be choosers, so I'll take the warmth and deal with the rain.

HOWEVER.... these thunderstorms are wreaking havoc with Many's sanity (and therefore mine - due to lack of sleep). She is terrified of thunderstorms and when they come in the middle of the night, I'm up with her since she is clawing at the bedroom door etc. We are currently awaiting the arrival of a Thundershirt which will hopefully solve the problem. (thanks to Libby for telling me about it!) If it doesn't, it's going to be a long thunderstorm season!

This past weekend was Easter and I went to my mom's to spend some time with her. I was going to help her with some things at the house but we ended up watching a lot of Food Network shows instead! It was nice and relaxing. And I don't get the Food Network at home so it was a treat.

Meanwhile, at the shop Robin and Alison took the Drop Spindle 101 class....
Here they are with their spun yarn:

And here is their plied yarn!:

Robin's Pinkerton Shawl from the Spring Interweave Knits, made with one ball of the Crazy Zauerball sock yarn:

I'm sorry I've forgotten the name of the woman who made these wonderful Flounce and Triana scarves!:

Stevie's Multnomah:

While she likes the shawl, she has decided she likes to make quick projects like her mini knitted animals better!

Barbara in her Brigid Jacket made with Cascade 220 during the knit-a-long at the shop:

Susan's B4 bag, made with cascade 220:

Laurel's window curtain (yes a curtain!) made with Fantasy Naturale:

Mary Kate in her Romney Kerchief (a Jared Flood pattern), made with Jared Flood's yarn Shelter:

And her Autumn Vines Beret (a Never Not Knitting pattern) made with Queensland Rustic DK:

Millie's baby sweater made with Encore in a pattern from the 60 Quick Baby Knits book, and her itty bitty sock on the sock blocker key chain:

The 8-hour baby blanket (started by Jana, worked on by me and finished by Robin!) made with Encore and will be taught in a class Saturday, May 21, 12:30-2:30pm:

Cathy's felted clogs made with Cascade 220:

And these great prayer shawls made by this mother-daughter duo (sorry, didn't get their names!):

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