Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Well, I had to go to Virginia to find spring. Nice and warm, leaves on the trees, flowering dogwoods, flowering flowers.
We went to Great Falls Virginia to see... the falls:

The water was muddy because there had been a hard rain the night before. Can you see the GREEN in the background? I really missed seeing green. I can't wait for it to come here.

We also went to the PEEPs Store!!!!

Yes, they have a whole store! Everything Peeps, including the candy in various forms, t-shirts, mugs, pens, pajamas, notebooks etc. There were also Mike&Ike and HotTamales bars were you could mix-match flavors. It was pretty cool.

And they had a peep-bug outside:

Blue knitting update:

My blue/purple BFF socks came along nicely on my trip

And my Brigid Jacket is finally un-stalled. I've got the back and the right front done, and the left front started:


Amy in her mobius cowl made from a double strand of Grass (cotton/hemp):

Another of Phyllis' afghan that she recently finished:

No square has the same combination of colors!

Deirdre in her February Lady Sweater made from Cascade 220:

A periwinkle shee in a Multnomah, made by Alison for Karin from The Periwinkle Sheep using her sock dream sock yarn!:

Nancy C's lace scarf:

Nancy E with her fingerless mitts:

Jan's first ever fingering weight socks:

Kathy in her Brigid Jacket made from Ella Rae:

Mari's Child's Zipper Cardi:

Nancy E's stranded cowl made with cascade 220 and Noro Kureyon:

And her B4 bag...before:

Stay tuned for the B4...after.

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