Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just when winter is over....

...we're preparing for next winter!!!! First of two wood deliveries.

Also, drag racing season has started so Paul was making plans this week to go racing with his friend. He was going to go either today (Sat) or tomorrow. I was secretly hoping for tomorrow.... since if he went today, I'd have to help stack wood tomorrow. If he went tomorrow, he'd stack wood today while I was at work. Any guesses as to which day he went? Today. :(

On the brighter side, I'm SO incredibly happy to see green buds coming out on the trees! And the grass is growing so much it needs to be mowed soon! And the warmer air! And we can open the windows! And all the ice cream places are open!

Gail's Nancy's Scarf, made with Baby Alpaca DK:

Sheila's Brigid Jacket made during the knit-a-long here at the shop, with Cascade 220 Heathers:

Deborah's Bulky Sweater made with Eco wool:

It's not quite done being seamed but she is giving it away to her sister so we won't see it again!

Christine's Nancy's Scarf, made with Rialto DK:

Laurel's double sided baby blanket, made with Jeannee Worsted:

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