Saturday, October 1, 2011


Well...after 2 months of owning the shop (can you all believe it's been 2 months???) we finally decided to have the "official" turnover from Liz to me. So, Friday night, we had a little party to celebrate. We had a very nice crowd of about 30 people with some great food from our local orchards and vineyard. Thank you to those of you that contributed snacks as well! Everything was just yummy!
So, this is the official handing over of the yarn. And...if you look closely...the needles are upside down. Ooops...oh well. If you can't tell, we weren't sure which camera to look at. I wonder if anyone took a picture where we were both looking at the same person.
And, below are Liz and I and the "shop girls". I couldn't have made it through these last 2 months without all of them and I really appreciate everything they have done for me. So, thank you to Robin, Joan, Yvette, Jana and Liz! You are all wonderful!
So, as many of you know, one of the big reasons why we put off the celebration for so long was because of the friendship quilt being made on the sly for Liz. It took a while to coordinate everything, of which I had nothing to do with other than making my one square. So, for those of you that contributed, I know that Liz absolutely loved the quilt and if you check out her blog, I'm sure she'll be posting something about that soon. But, once Joan actually pulled it out of the bag and we all ooo'd and ahh'd over it...there were ends to weave in!!! do you like the teamwork??

Here is a close up of the quilt. I have MANY more pictures, thanks to Christine who took the pictures on the shop camera. I will put a slideshow together for the knit-in on Wednesday. I just couldn't upload them all here.
Again, thank you all for coming in last night. I hope you had a good time. I know I did!
So, on to some customer show and tell. Today Karen taught a felted buttons class. Here are the ladies looking like they were having a good time. And Janell with the BIG needle...YIKES! I'm happy to report that no one needed a band aid.
Here are the bottons they all made. Aren't they just gorgeous????!!!!!! I was so jealous that I wasn't taking the class!
And, here is Mary's scarf that she made in the beginning knitting class that Robin taught last month. Isn't it just great? What a nice fall scarf!
And, another beginner, Kate, and her ribbed scarf made out of Riva. I think we've got them hooked. What do you think?
Stevie is up to her cool tricks again. Don't you love the tiny crab finger puppet she made for Sally? How does she do that?
And last but not least, Janell's very pretty pink socks.
Have a great week everyone. Don't forget to check out the slideshow at the knit-in Wednesday!

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Liz said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the most wonderful-est gift! I love it! More gushing on my blog -- click over there on the right...