Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rhinebeck and other things

Well...it's been a while since I've posted...mostly because we were getting ready for Rhinebeck.

I didn't take very many pictures when we were there because we were very busy. These are a few from my mother and Kevin's sister. Jana and I setting up. Can't believe I was smiling...must have been a smile of confusion. Oh boy...where to put things!
And below...me, Cece, Joan and Jana in front of the Jessalu bags. We just couldn't get over how cute they all were. Again...we're smiling...must not have been too bad. At this point, maybe we were almost done setting up? Phew...

And me and Joan. I'm wearing Jana's Pagewood Farm Handspun Bouquet hat. Isn't it just great?!?! By the way...it's not too late to order one of these skeins!!!

Well...I guess that's it for Rhinebeck pictures. Next year (and yes...there will be a next year) I'll try and take a few more pictures throughout the weekend.

Now...onto some show and tell...

Here are Sheila's socks made out of the Ella Rae Amity Print. These are just great!

And, I think this is Mary Kate. That shawl is just beautiful.

And Jan's sweater that she made in the Top Down Pullover class at the shop. It's made out of the Encore Coffee Beenz and is just lovely.

Beth's beautiful baby blanket.

And Joan teaching Courtney's son (whose name escapes me right now) how to knit during last week's knit in. So cute. He was doing very well when he left.

Sorry about this picture. One because I can't get it to rotate and two, because I don't know whose it is. It's just beautiful though. Leave a comment if it's yours!

And here is Ronnie's dishcloth made in the beginner's class at the shop.
And Joy's dishcloth, also made in the beginner class. Good job to both of them! Welcome to the knitting club!

That's all for this post. Have a great week and a very Happy Halloween!


Teri Conroy said...

The sideways sweater is GORGEOUS! And I want to learn to make one of those hats. See you Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Well first comments didn't go through--here we go again!!
The washcloths are nicely done--very even knitting!!
Good thing you didn't take pix of us breaking down the Rhinebeck tent--don't think any of us were cheery--EXHAUSTED!!!
Alex was my young knitter--Think he "got" it--Just needed reminders which is not surprising for a six year old!! joan