Friday, November 4, 2011

Be Our Guest

On Wednesday night at the knit-in, we welcomed Emilia Laime, Director of the La Imillia Knitting Group in Arani, Bolivia. That's her in the hat (which was crocheted...I think...out of thin thread and then coated to make it!) and her translator and business associate Tamara Stenn who owns KUSIKUY Clothing Company in Brattleboro, VT. KUSIKUY commissions La Imillia to knit designs out of the native Alpaca from Bolivia. These hand knitted items are then sold a boutiques and high end specialty stores in NYC and LA.

Emilia's work was just gorgeous and what was even more amazing about it is that all the women in her company knit on size 3 needles...yup...everything...from the hats, mittens and sweaters. And...they knit them fast. Most of them learned to knit at a company that paid them by the sweater so their incentive was to knit them as quickly as they could. And...they are gorgeous. I'll be wearing one of them at the shop this weekend as the samples were for sale and well...a few of us couldn't resist!

Below, Tamara is wearing the hat and scarf that she commissioned Emilia's company to design and knit. She asked them to come up with something for children and they came up with the gorgeous tiger mittens, hat and scarf. It was too cute.

I wish I had taken more notes but it was just so fascinating that I forgot. Oh well... I hope those of you that were there enjoyed the talk and her work. Anyone that was there, feel free to leave comments at the end of the post for the rest of us. Any tidbits you remember would be great!

Now...on to customer show and tell...

Isn't Karen's Leaflet Cardi just gorgeous. That was the KAL we did at the end of the summer and she knit it in that beautiful color of Pastaza.

And Annie...she made something for herself for once. I believe she'd been working on this for quite some time which makes it even more special. We all oohed and aahed over it on Saturday. It's Deb Anderson's leaf pattern shawl in Noro.

Take a look at all Mary Kate's mukluks. I do believe that ALL of her family will be getting these for Christmas this year!

Here is Libby's B4 bag made in class at the shop. That picture does not do it justice. The color combination is so nice. Notice those needle felted buttons. She made those in another class at the shop. They match perfectly!

And here is Teri's lockspun. She spun and dyed this herself. It is just beautiful. She started knitting a scarf with it at the knit-in on size 19 needles. Our guest, Emilia, got a big kick out of the size of those needles. Compared to the size 3 she's used to, they looked like tree trunks!

Well...that's all for now. Have a great weekend. Hope to see you at the shop soon!


Libby said...

Deirdre presented Emilia with a gift of items made by local artisans: a beautiful wooden shawl pin and a skein of hand- painted yarn from Peace, Love and Yarn.
Emilia began to work as a knitter at age thirteen in order to take care of her family. Almost fifty years later, she is still knitting and organizing a women's cooperative of knitters.

Teri C. said...

Emilia was delightful and fascinating! I believe her hat is over 20 years old. So glad I got to 'experience' her and her unbelievable skill. Wonder how many millions/billions of stitches she's knit in her lifetime so far?