Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ta Da's!

Ta-da! New sign for the shop:
Made by David (and Sarah) at Twilight Printing ( I love it!
Also have some show and tell.... My finished Absinthe sock:

I stayed up really late two nights in a row to get it done. This was my first attempt at a toe-up sock and it did it on 2 circular needles, which I'm also new at. I really enjoyed working the pattern. It came out great, except that I bound off too tightly. Must fix that before the second one is done. This will be a class this summer (for more experienced sock knitters who want to take it up a few levels!).

Started my Estonian Lace Scarf (for another summer class):
I taught the beginner lace class last night and they experienced some of the frustrations of lace, but also the reward when their knitting actually starts looking like the pattern. Franklin Habit talked about nupps on his blog the other day (see it here: ) and how frustrating they can be in the beginning. Nupps are the little puffs of stitches (7 stitches purled together!) that you can only sort of see in my example above. I experienced the same frustration but then you get the hang of it and it's no problem!
Got the grommet tool for my feltd knapsack but now can't find the knapsack - think I left it at home (it's been a busy week). Stay tuned for the final result....

And now some show and tell from customers!:
Tina's Woodstock Knits Market Bag Kit made with cotton:
Great, simple pattern and it came out great!

Mara's absolutely adorable and wonderfully soft baby blanket made with Mirasol Tupa:
Those are sheep on the blanket and they have little ears sticking out!

Mary Kate's Cabled Fingerless Gloves (made during a class here):
Gorgeous! (also made with Mirasol Tupa)

Kathy's cute dog paw hat (with bone tassel!) made with Encore:
This goes with the dog sweater she is making, and hopefully we'll get a picture soon!

May Kay's very chic felted hat made with Fjord and Pastaza:

Andrea's first felted bag!

Cathy's yummy Nancy's Scarf made with Baby Alpaca Grande:

Phyllis' shawl which she has been working on for a loooooooong time!:

Absolutely beautiful!

Bony's cabled beret made with Cascade Eco Alpaca:

Lisa's very cute clutch (made with 2 colors of Ella Rae Classic) with glass buttons:
And her equally cute baby blanket!:

Keep those projects coming!


emcknits said...

I love the sign. Very nice.

Karin said...

Can I please get on your shop mailing list so I can see your class offerings? Thank you so much. I love your blog.

Nancy said...

Wow! Look at all the work everyone is doing! I'm incredibly impressed with all the projects.

Anonymous said...

Liz, ravelry asked to use my baby blanket pic for the pattern picture!!! Now I feel famous!

Lisa said...

I don't know how to make it not say anonymous. : ( Lisa