Thursday, April 30, 2009

'Tis the season....

...for yarn reps. Ugh. As you may already know, I dread this a little bit because it is so difficult to pick and choose what EVERYONE will like. I know, I can't please everyone, but it is very hard to see all the yarns, want most of them, but know I can only have a few. And then picking the colors! Don't get me started. Ok, I already started. But, that's hard too. (On the other hand it is so cool to see and touch all the new yarns ahead of time. And I get really excited when I know there is new stuff coming to show you!) I met with one rep today and have two more scheduled to come in the next couple of weeks. So, if you come into the shop and my hair is going in all different directions, you'll know I just met with a yarn rep!

Wow, I can't believe tomorrow is May. Can't believe how fast April went. This Saturday is the village wide garage sale. If you are coming to the shop, be prepared for a little traffic (but don't let it deter you!). There is a municipal parking lot on Maple Ave that you can use - the entrance is right next to the Altamont Enterprise building).

I knitted like crazy this week, but don't have any pictures to share yet. I've been working on my Estonian Lace Scarf with the Cascade Alpaca Lace. I'm about 1/2 way done and will have pics soon. I also started the Einstein Coat, which REALLY easy and will be very comfortable. It is in the book "The Knit Stitch" and I will be having classes with a couple of the patterns in it this summer (including the Einstein Coat). Again, a picture will be coming when I have a little more done.

Some show and tell:
Laura's Breathe Deep mittens made for Robin (Robin made Laura a Grazing Sheep Bag - see how that works? You should try a swap sometime!):

And Dottie's cardigan made with Encore Colorspun - beautiful!

Dottie also won yesterday's anniversary raffle!

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