Friday, April 17, 2009

Ketchup, mobile advertising and lots of projects

Whew! Busy week. Finally getting a chance to post.

First, must tell you about the Wet Felting Boot Camp that Yvette held for school kids during this vacation week. They had a great time learning to wet felt roving to make purses and DS video game cases. Here they are:

They had so much fun and it was fun to see them creating these wonderful purses. During the class, Yvette was telling the girls that they needed to use very thin sections of roving, layered upon one another to beging to create their purse. She went on to say, "Remember, less is best," at which point one of the class participants said, "Unless it's ketchup!" So. Funny. It had to be the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. A conversation then ensued about what everyone eats ketchup on and lots of eww's and gross's were heard. (I eat ketchup on grilled cheese and that got some eww's...)

Other very exciting stuff:

Mobile advertising! Now you'll know it's me if you see this out and about... or Paul. Can you picture this on a pickup truck? (magnet made by Twilight Printing: ; )

Now for some more show and tell:
Sarah's beautiful handspun yarn!

My particular favorite the second from the right, called "Jaded Ruby". She is selling these handspun yarns on her Etsy site: and sometime soon you may see some of her yarn here at the store! She also sells other hand-knit items including these DS video game cases:

(also made with her handspun yarn)

And here are Mary Jane's adorable baby hat and sock sets made with Plymouth Jeannee:

Kathy's very pretty cabled fingerless gloves which she learned to make at the class we had here:

These are made from an alpaca/merino/bamboo blend.

Susan's wonderful log cabin blanket, made with Encore:

This will be going to college with her daughter in the fall!

Joan's crocheted scarf made from Baby Alpaca DK:

She has just returned to crocheting and knitting and is already at work on another scarf!

And, finally, Jean's crocheted beach tote made with Plymouth Fantasy Naturale cotton yarn:

Beautiful shade of yellow!

Thank you for continuing to bring in your projects. I've been getting a lot of feedback that you are liking to see them here on the blog.

As far as my current projects.... I'm waiting for my grommet tool to come in to the hardware store so I can finish my felted knapsack. I felted it and it came out great. I just need to felt the straps a little more and then it will be all set. I started the Absinthe socks that are on . I've only got the toe done so I didn't take a picture yet (kinda boring). I'm also working on another baby surprise jacket since we had another class in that. It will match my Rambling Rows Baby Afghan! Also getting ready to start my crocheted lightweight cardigan, or the Estonian Lace Scarf. This will be more advanced than the one made for the beginner lace scarf class and will also possibly be a class this summer.


Nancy said...

I would love to see some handspun and/or local yarn at the shop.

Nancy said...

And I love the color stripes in Susan's blanket. We have a statisfyingly talented group of knitters.

Joan said...

I am delighted to see "yarn shop" so prominently displayed on your mobile ad--PERFECT!!!