Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A pile of dirt

After closing the shop on Sunday, here's what Paul and I tackled....
Ok, to be fair, he and his mom had put a big dent in it before I got there. But 10 billion tractor loads later, it was gone. We're filling in the hole the pool made, and this wasn't enough.
Then, on my day off, I went blueberry picking at Indian Ladder Farms!
Directions to find the berries:
The cones:
The berries! Some still green, but lots nice and ripe....
Pretty setting where the blueberry patch is....

Nice view on the way out.....

And I made a blueberry-raspberry buckle (coffee cake) with them! (got the raspberries from the Altamont Orchard stand at the train station).
Show and Tell:
We had the drop spindle class the past two Saturdays and here are Kathleen and Pat with their plied yarn made on their drop spindles:
And here is Erin's scarf, made with Fantasy Naturale:
Erin is a new knitter and is doing great!!!!
Fern's fetled bag:
Fern makes wonderfully original felted bags!
Kathy's earflap hat (Thorpe hat) made in class here at the shop:
Love this pattern! Kathy is already planning her next one...
And finally, Sue's sock made from the Cascade Heritage sock yarn, with a pattern from the Vintage Socks book:
So pretty - Sue really liked knitting with this yarn, too!

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Karin said...

Yummy berries, gorgeous photos, great FOs!