Saturday, July 25, 2009


I got some new sock yarn in on Wednesday (mini-mochi by Crystal Palace). I hadn't been able to get it on the shelf by the knit-in that night, so it was just in plastic bags on the floor. Lisa was browsing around, happend to see the bags on the floor and picked one up. Immediately, someone else said "What's that?!?!?!". Lisa said (with a big smile), "New sock yarn!" And then it was mayhem, like a sale at Macy's. Before the night was over, 24 balls of yarn were down to 4.

Who knew that a little bit of sock yarn could cause such a stir????

P.S. It really is great yarn (80% superwash merino, 20%nylon) - feels nice and has great, long color changes (similar to noro). Beautiful colors. So, as of today (Saturday) I'm down to zero balls. Have more on order (at least 6 bags) so feel free to come August 5 for another mayhem session....


Joan said...

Wait til they knit on it and see the results--it is amazingly soft and has a loft to it and LOVELY!!!

Karin said...

hehe that's funny. Good thing you have more coming right away!