Friday, July 24, 2009

Selling an organ to buy a wheel?

A couple of funny stories:
I taught the Waterfall Beaded Scarf class last week and it was starting right at the time of a huge rain/hail storm. I wondered if the participants were going to make it. Sure enough, Laurie called to say that she was trying to come but she was stuck at the moment.....-- she was on her way to class, backed out of the garage, saw that it was hailing and drove back in and closed the garage door to wait for it to end. She had closed it with the automatic door opener/closer. And then the power went out! So she was stuck. She had to get her neighbor to help her lift the door and she finally made it to class - an hour late, but she caught up to everyone by the end of class! Now that's a quick study. And her scarf is coming out beautifully!
In my two-socks on one circular needle class on Saturday, we got to talking about spinning. All three participants like to spin and have wheels. Kelly mentioned that she'd really like to get a traveling wheel but she'd have to sell an organ first. We all paused and Chris said, "You mean, like a kidney?!?!?" It was so funny! What Kelly meant was that she has an organ (the instrument) at home that she doesn't play and if she sells it she can buy a wheel.
I tell ya, never ending fun at the shop.
Show and tell:
Trudi's felted hat:
Love the buttons - they add such a nice touch. (sorry for the blurry pic)
Iryth's February Lady Sweater:
Isn't the color just stunning? This is a pattern I'd love to make.
And her just-so-adorable baby booties:

Susan's Hat and scarf (Nancy's Scarf pattern) made with Mushishi (and a few other yarns in the scarf to add color!):
The Mushishi has been very popular - more arriving in August!
And Lisa's woven pack baskets:
She and her sweetie took a class to learn how to make these. Great for yarn storage!!! Maybe he'll let her use his for yarn. You think?

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Joan said...

Is there something wrong with selling a kidney to support the yarn addiction (or spinning wheel?)