Friday, November 27, 2009

Don't forget....

BLACK FRIDAY SALE! 20% off all non-yarn items.

Show and Tell:

Annie's Leaf Hat (to match her Leaf Scarf which she has finished but has not brought in yet since it was at home blocking....) made with Noro Silk Garden:

Love these colors! Perfect fit for the pattern.

Here is Jana, modeling Trudi's Nimbus sweater:

I forgot to take a close-up fo the button she made for this -she made/baked them herself! I'll get a picture next time...

Jana's intarsia-in-the-round NY Giants hat:

And, as promised, Nancy's sock made with three different colors of Periwinkle Sheep sock yarn:

The other one is done by now, since she was giving them to her sister at Thanksgiving. This is the second pair of three that she is making for herself and her two sisters. Each one starts at the toe with a different color so they know which ones are whose!

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Karin said...

Sorry I missed the sale. :(
Those projects look great! Especially the socks, of course. :)