Monday, November 16, 2009

A really good burrito. Oh and some friends and some yarn!

Last weekend I went out to Massachusetts to shop and eat dinner with my girlfriends from Connecticut (to celebrate my birthday and my friend Jean's birthday - we both turned 40 recently!). On my way to the Lee Outlets I stopped at Colorful Stitches yarn shop in Lenox.

What a pretty shop with lots of wonderful yarns! Imaginative displays too. I, of course, found some goodies:

Malabrigo sock yarn:

Dream in Color Classy worsted weight and Mountain Colors River Twist:

After this, I was hungry so I stopped at a place in Lee that I spied on the way to the store...

Mmmmmm, burritos! I had the best burrito and it came with yummy warm tortilla chips.

Then it was on the the Lee Outlets... I met up with my friend Chrissy first:

Then met up with the other girls soon after that and shopped, shopped shopped!

After we were shopped-out, we went to the Red Lion Inn where the girls were staying overnight. For those who don't remember, this is where Paul and I got married so it always brings back fond memories! I only got one picture of one of the rooms -- it's very charming and each room has it's own unique set-up and decorations:

We had some snacks while we waited to go to dinner. I couldn't wait to start working with the Malabrigo sock yarn so I wound it into a ball while we were chatting:

I don't think anyone really understood why I HAD to start kitting right then. My friend Chrissy said "Boy, you really can't just sit still can you?". Chrissy knows how to knit but doesn't anymore since a really bad experience with boucle yarn and a poncho pattern. Ellen and Debbie both like to knit and were wishing they lived close enough to come take classes.

I got a few rows knit but then when I showed Joan and Nancy the ball at the shop the next day, they both said I had wound it way too tightly, so I took it out and re-wound it on the shop ball winder!

And here are all of us at dinner:

And Ellen with the crazy-huge pumpkins they had out in front of the inn:

And here is what I missed:
All around great time - so fun spending time with my friends that I don't get too see too often!
Today, Karin from the Periwinkle Sheep stopped by to bring some new yarn colors!
Caramel Apple is on the left - this is the yarn that Jana won the contest for naming! In the middle is Chinese Lantern and on the right is an unnamed limited edition which is also very pretty.
She also brought me a variety of other colors:
If you don't see what you like on the shelf, just ask to see the bin!
Show and Tell:
Nancy's socks made with the Happy Choices sock blank that she dyed herself:

Joan's very pretty Waterfall Beaded Scarf made with Pima Tencel:

Christine's entrelac scarf made with Taos:

And Joan's socks made with Mini Mochi:


Libby said...

More terrific looking "FOs".
Glad to see you had such a fun get together with your pals.

Karin said...

Oh wow!!! Wish I had known. Happy Birthday!!! Tell me a favorite color and I'll dye it for you. (Think sweater).

Happy Thanksgiving!!