Monday, November 23, 2009

A wonderful way to spend all of my free time in one week...

.... PAINTING. We have been in construction mode for a while, putting off the painting until other things got done. Like the shed. Oh wait, the shed is OUTSIDE. Well, I guess outside things take precedent in the nice weather. So we painted the dining room and kitchen this color:
"Deep Smoke Signal"
And the living room/entryway this color:
"Oak Ridge"
Yes, that is painted brick. I'm not really a fan of painted brick. I like it's natural color. However, our fireplace had already been painted. Green. Ugh. We didn't want to strip the paint (could you imagine the mess?) so we settled for a slightly darker shade of the wall color and it is closer to brick color than green is. It at least helps the fireplace blend into the wall instead of sticking out like a sore (green) thumb. Paul and I paint very well together. Luckily we agree on colors too. He's the detail man, so he does the edging. I'm the not-so-detailed one (a.k.a. impatient) so I do all the rolling. The fun part was trying to keep the cat and the dog away from the wet paint on the walls and trim!
Show and Tell:
Me first -- I finally finished something. My "One Row Scarf" (Yarn Harlot) made with Silk Rhapsody by ArtYarns. Wonderfully soft. One skein - perfect for a luxurious holiday gift. The pattern is super easy and therefore, a pretty quick knit.

The hand-dyed-ness makes such pretty color changes.
Some long-distance show and tell from my mom!:
A diagonal lace scarf pattern made with a Lorna's Laces silk bamboo yarn. Very pretty!

Here is Annie, modeling Joan's Thorpe Hat (made with Galway Chunky):
Let's see if I can remember this right... Joan didn't want to model it because: 1) the color was too bright 2) she made it for a kid, and she's not one and 3) she doesn't wear hats. So Annie volunteered to model it because 1) wears hats 2) loves bright colors and 3) tends to act like a kid (her words, not mine!)
And here are Annie's socks:
Made with Opal sock yarn (I think) in a colorway called something like "Edward the Pool Attendant" (maybe those were Laura's.... Annie feel free to comment on the name!)
Amy's Scrappy Flap Hat that she made in the continental knitter class here at the shop:
Made with a few different yarns (hence the name "Scrappy" - made with yarn scraps), it is adorable!

Nancy's socks made with a yarn I forget (again, feel free to comment!):
I had a picture of another of Nancy's socks but for some reason it's not here. Sorry Nancy, I'll get it in the next post.

Susan's second pair of Mini Mochi socks:
She's making several pairs of socks for holiday gifts this year. Such pretty colors!

Lorraines wonderful sweater/shawl made with Kathmandu Aran:
Very cozy - I tried it on! I just LOVE the Kathmandu.
Sheila's second sweater made with this Plymouth pattern and Lamb'sPride Bulky:
Talk about a quick knit - she made this in a week!

Maryann's earflap hat made with her own handspun and dyed yarn!

Happy Thanksgiving -- I am thankful for all of you and your support
of me and my yarn shop!

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Nancy said...

my socks are made from Trekking handpaint. Very soft and comfortable.