Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"It stinks in here!"

That's all I heard for a day and a half while my February Lady Swetaer was blocking.

Apparently that wet wool smell has escaped Paul the other times I blocked things. Then followed, "What if it rains and it gets wet? Are you going to smell like that? Eewwww."
So, it's finally done and I love it.
Sans buttons, of course, but hopefully they will get put on very soon.

In other excitement around the homestead, we have a family of turtles in the pond:
And Mandy got into some trouble....
That's my Lace Ribbon Scarf and yarn, all tangled around her (a little hard to see in this picture but it goes up around her head and ears, down around her front legs, back legs and tail!) She got all excited when I was trying to brush Phoebe (again....) and Phoebe wasn't liking it, so she was making some noise. Mandy just couldn't stand it and started running all around the living room, picking up my scarf off the coffee table along the way. Luckily no damage to the project, although it took a couple minutes to get her untangled. Too hard to be mad at her --- she looked so cute because she had no idea what had happened!


Joan said...

That picture is where "sad puppy dog eyes" originated--How could you be mad at that????? Feb sweater is gorgeous

Nancy Giebelhaus said...

Love Paul's comment about your sweater. Maybe it should be renamed February Smelly Sweater or February Stinky Sweater. I bet there would be more interest in the pattern with it's new name:)

Susan Young Mercer said...

Laura's Nancy's socks are beauteous ! :)

Liz, your sweater sans buttons is just lovely ... remember having to backtrack numerous times because you/we were talking too much ... LOL .

Mary Kate AND her sweater look wonderful!!!

BTW re racing ... of course you will!! you go woman!!!!:0)