Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back to normal!

So, Jana and I were re-organizing on Thursday and in trying to do so, I thought I'd make a little "adjustment" (I was taking the lazy way out...), hence the picture in the previous blog! It was a pretty comical situation and we laughed for the whole hour it took us to put it all back together.

On Saturday, the weaving class was back making gorgeous pieces...
Diane made her second project extra wide to make a table runner...

Lisa decided to put some sparkly stuff in hers (bottom) and Sara experimented with color changes (top)...

Here is Lisa's first project:

And her second:

Both are gorgeous --- she's a weaving machine!

Here is my 16 Cable hat, made with the Debbie Bliss Fez (camel and wool):

I LOVE this yarn -- so nice and soft to knit with. It just feels wonderful.

Here is Karen with her vest made of the Plymouth Expression super bulky yarn:

And her second Blooming Cotton Scarf made with Cotton Rich DK:

She thinks it looks like fruit salad and I agree! Robin taught this class last year and is willing to teach it again if there is any interest.... let me know by commenting here or emailing me at (info at spinningroom dot net).

And Yvettes hat that she made with yarn she got in a swap:

She later found out that the person who had contributed this yarn to the swap spun it herself!

Ooh, and look who came to visit:

Pat's pomeranian puppy Little Bear. So cute!

And this is Lauries prayer shawl made with Malabrigo and a matching teddy bear:

The shawl is for a pregnant friend and the bear is for the coming baby! It's amazing how soft and wonderful the Malabrigo is.

Alison's super soft and comfy scarf made with Baby Alpaca Grande:

Cathy's very pretty cabled afghan made with Cascade Ecological Wool:

And finally, Anne's beautiful Great American Aran Afghan made with Cascade 220:
It took her over a year to make!


Neeron said...

I knew that Jana had to have something to do with that mess!! and that's pretty much what I figured had happened
I am a cat person--Please tell Pat not to bring Little Bear in while I am there cause I will STEAL that puppy!!!! OMG--I am in love!!!

Karin said...

Please reserve me a spot in the next weaving class NOW! I must know how to do this.

And next time there is a puppy I want a cuteness alert.