Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's a sign...

...that you need a new sign for your shop when a customer walks in and says, "Did you know your sign was broken?", and you look outside (on a very windy day) to see the sign hanging by one hole (not two).

Thanks to Janell, who hung onto me while I was on the ladder getting the sign down. Paul was able to "band-aid" it, but a new sign will be on the way soon, I hope.

Meanwhile, it was an interesting weekend at the shop. There were contests:
Mary Kate and Pat racing to see who could finish their mobius cowl first. It was brutal -- there were diversions (candy) and stealing (of yarn). Mary Kate won by finishing at 6pm that day. (It really is a quick knit - if you are interested there is a class coming up in December!).

There was an early Halloween costume on Saturday:
This is Christine demonstrating just how big her bulky knit Falling Snow stranded Christmas Stocking was -- Everyone said it looked like a chicken costume!

And here she is the next day, on Halloween, in her "real" costume:

Also, from the porch, we could see the Halloween parade which started in Orsini Park and finished at the police station where they were having a party:
Some very cute costumes, when you could see them. I think there were three adults for every one kid.

I have been doing lots of knitting but haven't taken pictures yet -- I'll post them next.


Kathy's adorable bulky cardigan made with Kids Rock:

Alice's wonderful socks:

Bonnie's adorable knitted fairy doll and her felted mittens made with Lamb's Pride:

Susan's colorful fingerless mitts made with remnants of Mini Mochi Sock Yarn:

Pat's second mobius cowl made with Baby Alpaca Grande:

Karen's Urban Bag, made with Lamb's Pride:

And her colorful B4 Felted Bag made Ella Rae or Cascade 220 (can't remember which!):

Janell's shrug made with Baby Alpaca Grande (and the turtle neck she's going to give with it to her daughter!):

Flora's Lizard Ridge Afghan Square made with Noro Kureyon:

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