Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A very busy Saturday!

Paul and I set off at 7:15am for our fun-filled Saturday adventure! First we went to the Inaugural New England Fiber Festival at the Big E in Springfield.

Who did we see first, standing in line WAY ahead of us?.....

Karen and Trudi! And we thought we were early. Got this picture of them inside, snapping up some goodies.

And we also saw Yvette and Sue:

There were upwards of 160 vendors there and we saw lots of great stuff. I purchased some yarn and some roving (blue/greens, NOT purple) and a cute shirt (purple) that has sheep on it and says "Sheep Thrills". Forgot to take pictures of these -- hopefully I'll put them in a later post.

We also browsed around at the cute animals:

(I believe these were Shetland sheep)

It was a very nice festival and I would go back. Maybe even as a vendor???? This soon after Rhinebeck? ummmmmm......
After that, we headed south to West Hartford, CT to have lunch with my mom at The Corner Pug:
Yes, that's "Pug" not "Pub". Lots of dog pictures in there! One of my favorite places to eat in my old stomping grounds. (Ok, in case you couldn't tell, I stole this picture from the website because I forgot to take one.)
Then it was off to New Haven to:
To get more:
SHELVES! Stay tuned for the shop-transformation blog....
Once we got out of that madhouse (it was horribly crowded and we realized we had only ever gone there on a weekday), it was off to Little Italy in downtown New Haven:
We got a pizza to go (we took it home and re-heated it for diner!) at Pepe's, a very famous pizza joint that makes THE BEST pizza ever:
Across the street was Tony & Lucille's, another famous Italian restaurant:
And of course when we saw this next door:
..... we had to stop and get:
On the way home....
It was really a great day.
Nancy's very pretty and colorful Lala's Shawl, made with a Katia yarn (can't remember the name!):
Taken with Jana's cell phone because I had the camera with me - sorry for the blurriness)
Christine's (er, Roy's) very large Christmas Stocking:
Remember the picture of her with this on her head????
Mary Kate's very soft and pretty Mobius Cowl made with Malabrigo Silky Merino:
And Janell's Mobius Cowl made with Noro Kochoran:
Bill's gorgeous crocheted doilies:
Robin's adorable Paw Hat, made from a pattern in the Interweave Accessories magazine:

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Robin said...

the pattern is in the Creative Knitting accessories book - close!!