Monday, February 14, 2011


I went to CT this weekend and saw my nephews at a soccer game ---
One was there to play:


One didn't have a game that day, but was there with his soccer spirit in his sweatsuit:

And his neon soccer shoes!:

And one who didn't really want to be there, but came to see me!:

He really was happy to see me - can't you tell? They are all so cute and it was nice to see them!

My mom, sister and I had a nice dinner and visit --- and my sister and I got Valentine chocolates from my mom. YUM!

I had some time to knit too and finished my car seat blanket:

And I even worked a little bit on my Girasole, which has been sitting for a while. Couldn't work on my Volna since it takes more concentration than I had. I can't wait to finish it, though, so I can have it at the shop for a sample. The Noro laceweight yarn is very nice to work with and I love the colors.
And now, off to a Valentine's dinner with Paul!

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Karin said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you!! yum... Chocolate!!