Monday, June 20, 2011

A Maine-ly great vacation

.... Actually a totally great vacation. Paul and I went to Bar Harbor, Maine on vacation last week and had a wonderful time! Much better than last year (when we had a scary cottage in the middle of nowhere...). On the way up, we took Route 1 in Maine, through all the beautiful, picturesque towns. One of them was Wiscasset where we went to Red's, famous for their lobster rolls:

I'll say it now... neither Paul not I really likes lobster, so we had none on this vacation. Don't be shocked. Just don't love it so much as a lot of people. If I did, I'd go broke. Lobster rolls ranged from $11.99 to $20 depending on where we went! I had THE. BEST. crab cakes here at Red's. O. M. G. The first of many seafood meals this week. Fish and chips, shrimp, clam chowder.... oof.

I think I told you last year about the many businesses that had "Maine-ly" in their name. This year, I wrote them all down:
Maine-ly Antiques (but some new stuff?)
Maine-ly Used Cards (but some new cars?)
Maine-ly Sewing (but some shuffleboarding?)
Maine-ly Pottery (ok, you get the idea...)
Maine-ly Vinyl
Maine-ly Music
Maine-ly Meat BBQ

This year, we stayed right in Bar Harbor and we were able to walk to almost everything we wanted to do. We spent a lot of time on the town green, looking at the harbor and people-watching. One day, this showed up:

With a crane to lower their "dinghy":
It is a 142 foot yacht owned by the owner of the New Orleans Saints football team. A crew of 7 were constantly cleaning and shining up the boat.

We also did the greatest thing ever.... went to "Reel Pizza", a movie house where you can eat dinner while you watch the movie! Here is a picture of the seats with counters in front of them to put your food...
These pictures aren't great since I forgot the camera and had to take them with my cell phone. And if you look closely, up front there are couches and recliners with TV tables! ( we chose the regular seats).

Once you order your food, you go sit down and wait for your random number to show up on the BINGO board:

Then you eat, knit and watch the movie!:
So great, we went twice! The first time we saw Super 8 (fun and a little scary). The second time we saw Bridesmaids (very funny). Don't you think there should be one of these around here???? I would go every week. (Tickets were only $6!)

We also spent lots of time in Acadia National Park seeing the beautiful sights:

Walked and road bikes on the carriage roads:

Saw some wildlife:

We also walked across the harbor at low tide to hike up a little mountain on Bar Island to see this:

Walked and shopped the downtown area:

Saw a pretty sunset over the harbor:

And overall had a wonderful vacation spending time together:

Did I knit, you ask???? Of course! In the car and during the week I worked on my car seat blanket:

And finished my Budding Apple Shawl! (not blocked yet):

Apparently I'm on a mint green streak.


Libby said...

Glad you had a great vacation! Great photos.

Nancy G said...

You look very happy and relaxed. We went to Bar Harbor on our honeymoon almost 11 years ago and loved it!!

Joan said...

NO ice cream pictures????

Karin said...

LOVE!!! Love love your vacation account. I am so glad you had a good time. Now I want to go to Bar Harbor, definitely!