Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things Men Say

When coming to the shop to buy a swift for a birthday present:
"I'm tired of being the swift." (Unclear if it was his birthday or hers.)

When picking something up for his daughter and asked if we can help him:
"No, thanks. I'm just going back here to get a bolt of yarn." (It was roving.)

When being my husband, Paul, who likes to come up with new knitting terms:
The latest word for knitters: Yarnies .....or coming up with any take on "yarn" or "knitting"... "I'm so tired, I think I'm going to yarn" (yawn).

Alison G made these needle felted dogs for Sally B (they are representations of Sally's own dogs!):
Stand. Sit. Roll over.

Jana's second Market Bag made with two shades of orange Cascade Sierra:

And her Cables and Lace Slouchy Beret (click there to get the free pattern), also made with Cascade Sierra:

A great summer hat!!!

Mary Kate's Market Bag made with Cascade Sierra in the class here at the shop:

And another market bag that she almost finished a couple of years ago, and just put the handles on!:

Lisa's Constant Companion Bag made with Lamb's Pride Bulky:

Laurie's Leaf Shawl made with Noro Silk Garden:

Joyce's Traveling Woman shawl made with Periwinkle Sheep w i n k:

Stevie's handspun yarn!!!:

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Joan said...

It would appear that the Cables and Lace Slouchy beret is not a free pattern--the site you sent to has a download fee??????????????